You have to hit to win, but who… I forgot all the seven consecutive wins that surprised everyone, the injury hurts so much

Is it right to say that he has endured well or that the limits of his bad luck have been revealed.

The Kiwoom Heroes have lost six straight games. They lost all the margin of victory and defeat when they performed well with seven consecutive wins after the opening four games in a row. Their ranking, which had risen to third with 13 wins and 10 losses on Sunday, fell to sixth with six consecutive losses.

Kiwoom was considered the weakest candidate due to the departure of key players such as Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), Ahn Woo-jin (military enlistment) and Choi Won-tae (transfer to LG) before the opening game. However, Kiwoom displayed robust performance after the opening game. Notably, Ha Young-min and Kim Sun-ki filled in the starting positions in the Korean league, which had been evaluated as having a “hole” in the game, and were recognized as a team that other teams could never see as weak.

There are many complex reasons when a team loses, but the cause is clear from the process of Kiwoom’s consecutive losses. It is a bat. From the second game of the Doosan Bears’ doubleheader on the 21st, the start of six consecutive losses, he only scored 1-2-4-2-0 points.토토사이트

From the LG Twins match, which began seven consecutive wins on the 30th of last month, he showed off his tremendous firepower with 8-8-8-10-11-7-4 points.

What an honest team. With players, you gain strength, and without players, you lose strength. During his consecutive winning streak, Lee Ju-hyeong had been on the roster. Having failed to make the opening entry due to hamstring injury, Lee joined the Samsung Lions game on Tuesday, wielded a bat, and left the game after the SSG Landers game on Wednesday last week, injuring his other thigh.

It was too bad that the batter, who was hitting 483, was missing, but veteran Lee Yong-kyu filled the vacancy.

The problem was a string of injuries sustained by key hitters. Kim Hye-sung, who aims to advance to the Major League Baseball, said, “Home run if it was a homer, and RBI if it was an RBI, it was perfect nutritional value. However, my shoulder hurt. However, I took a short break after the game against the KT Wiz on Friday. When five homers and 18 RBIs were missing, Kiwoom unfortunately began to lose consecutive games. Due to urgent team circumstances, Kim returned to the mound on Wednesday, but had no hit in two consecutive games, perhaps due to his playing sense of the game or shoulder issue. It had no effect on his return to the mound.

It was a fatal blow to Kiwoom that Lee Hyung-jong was also missing, as Kim Hye-seong alone was in pain. Lee Hyung-jong also had four homers and 17 RBIs, signaling his revival this season. However, he suffered a fracture after being hit in the foot by a hit he hit at the Doosan Bears match on Sunday. As a matter of fact, foreign hitter Dawson hit No. 2 and the center lineup was less heavy, but Lee Hyung-jong’s chance of scoring a goal dropped further.

This makes us miss catcher Kim Dong-hun and rookie shortstop Lee Jae-sang who had one shot. Due to his injury sustained in the early days of the season, Kim has been absent for a long time due to elbow surgery. Lee suffered a broken finger during the defense training.

At least Lee Joo-hyung and Park Soo-jong are aiming to return in May. Lee Joo-hyung will return as soon as possible and Kim Hye-sung will be able to solve the current slump in batting only when he gets a sense of it quickly. Player injuries are always coming out, and other players have to fill the empty spots, but Kiwoom, which has not a strong depth, has its limitations immediately revealed. He was holding out well, but he feels the fear of injury too strongly.

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