“You changed your uniform after a shocking defeat?” ‘Zero eyes’ Perisic and Richarlison fiercely criticized, former Tottenham “Get out of my team!”

The midfielder from Tottenham criticized the Tottenham players for exchanging jerseys with Newcastle players after a crushing defeat at Newcastle.

On the 26th (Korean time), on the British radio ‘Talk Sports’, Jamie O’Hara heard the host say that ‘Tottenham players exchanged jerseys with opponents after the game against Newcastle’, and asked, “Why did you wear a uniform after such a terrible game?” Do you want to change it?” he asked in a furious voice.

Tottenham striker Richarlison finished the 2022-2023 season English Premier League (EPL) round 32 with Newcastle held at St. James Park on the 24th with a 1-6 loss, and exchanged uniforms with the same Brazilian Joeliton.

Wingback Ivan Perisic was spotted exchanging jerseys with Murphy, who scored two goals in the Tottenham goal that day.

‘Uniform exchange’ is a common occurrence. However, on this day, Tottenham suffered a crushing defeat that will remain in the history of the club. Tottenham away fans rushed out of the stadium as the team collapsed, conceding five goals in the 21st minute of the first half. It is pointed out that it is an inappropriate behavior in a situation where the anger of the fans has reached its peak.안전놀이터

O’Hara said: “Would Roy Keane or Steven Gerrard want to change shirts after a game like that? Are you kidding me? Can you imagine Ali McCoist saying to his opponent after the Old Firm Derby, ‘I want to change shirts in the tunnel’?” he said indignantly.

He continued, “I don’t know how the soccer players have changed these days, but it’s not a proper action.” “If you’re going to exchange uniforms after a 1-6 defeat, get out of my team!” He said he should have given the uniform to the fans who came running.

The aftermath of Tottenham’s defeat continues. Tottenham immediately sacked acting manager Christian Stellini. On the upcoming 27th, Manchester United will be held under the system of Ryan Mason’s ‘actor of acting’. In addition, Tottenham players issued a statement of apology on the 25th and said that they would compensate the ticket price for away fans against Newcastle.

Tottenham, who scored 53 points in 32 games, lost fifth place to Aston Villa (54 points, 33 games), who defeated Fulham on the 26th. It was a 6-point gap with Manchester United (59 points, 30 games) in 4th place, the last line to advance to the European Champions League.

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