You and I go to the ballpark… Professional baseball runs toward the dream ’10 million spectators’

Professional baseball is screaming happily at the unusual throng of spectators. As popular teams make strides and ranking fights gather in one place, fans turn their feet to the ballpark every day. With the box office parade as the most popular event in Korean professional sports, the baseball team is racing to surpass the 10 million mark for the first time in its history.유흥알바

According to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), the KBO League, which played 305 games as of the 6th, recorded 4,427,940 cumulative spectators. On Memorial Day, a public holiday, sold out at four stadiums except Changwon, spurring the accumulation of spectators. The KBO League, which will face a full-fledged summer, has only to go up steeper as it faces the upcoming All-Star Game and the fierce race of 10 clubs for the postseason.

The number of spectators exceeded 4 million on Sunday. Back then, the number of spectators reached 4,096,149 as of 285 games. This is a remarkable feat achieved after only about 40 percent of the progress of this season. This is the second fastest pace in history after the 2012 season, in which the number of spectators exceeded 4 million with 255 games. He is by far the first place since 2015 when the 10-team system was established. He has exceeded 328 games in 2018.

Based on Friday’s tally, an average of 14,518 baseball players are visiting the stadium. The number of baseball players has increased by 29 percent year-on-year to 11,250. The number has also exceeded 13,451 in 2012, the highest ever recorded in this category. Only one more thing remains to be done to keep this momentum going.

The team should also pay attention to its extraordinary pace. After 70 games to surpass 1 million spectators and 78 games to reach 2 million, the team gained more momentum. It only needed 69 games to reach 3 million and 63 games to reach 4 million. Considering that the average number of games played between 3 million and 4 million spectators under the 10-team system was 93 games, excluding the 2020-2022 season when spectators were restricted due to the novel coronavirus infection disease, this year’s box office fever can be felt even more.

Several factors contributed to the KBO’s high expectations. With the return of Korean left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin, who is proud of himself, firewood was piled up from the off-season. This was the advancement of traditional popular teams. KIA, a strong presidential candidate, has been leading the league since the beginning of the season, living up to expectations. LG, which won its first championship in 29 years last year, is raising expectations by proclaiming the establishment of a dynasty. Samsung, which called for rebuilding a prestigious family, has jumped to the top of the list along with rapid growth of promising players. Hanwha that announced the end of the rebuilding process has also appointed Kim Tae-hyung, its “master general,” to reform the mood, which is stirring up Busan.

According to the statistics of each team, Kia ranks first with 568,502 players. Doosan with 566,128 players, LG with 544,532 players, Lotte with 509,997 players, and Samsung with 50,203 players.

According to cumulative statistics released by the KBO up to May, KIA is overwhelming with 68 percent. Hanwha, which dreams of rebounding, received battening approval with 58 percent. Teams that were once classified as unpopular also took a significant leap forward. NC, which produced a drama that impressed baseball fans in fall last year, saw an increase of 57 percent, while Kiwoom (21 percent) and KT (15 percent) also joined the ranks of box office winners after overcoming hardships.

The Korean pro-baseball league will accelerate its pace to reach the largest number of spectators ever. The KBO League, which surpassed 8 million for the first time in 2016 (8.339,577) and reached its peak in 2017 with 8.4 million. The Korean pro-baseball league, which had expanded to 6,076,074 in 2022, announced its revival with 8,103,326 last year after passing the COVID-19 pandemic, when many baseball players around the world struggled. The KBO is most likely to surpass 9 million spectators for the first time this year. It will upgrade its target to 10 million and take the reins for its “best season ever.”

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