Yoo Ah-yoon (Pocheon Ildong-cho), who won two gold medals in biathlon

“It was difficult during the race, but I am happy to arrive in first place. I will do well in the rest of the schedule to win another gold medal and win multiple crowns.”

On the 18th, on the 2nd day of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival held at the Alpensia Biathlon Center in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Yoo Ah-yoon (11, 11, 2018) won the 3km biathlon elementary school sprint with a record of 12 minutes 21 seconds 8, following the elementary mixed relay race the previous day. Pocheon Ildongcho).

After Yua Yun entered biathlon in her senior year along with her friends, she immediately showed her outstanding talent and has consistently achieved good results in national competitions. She has been nominated for multiple gold medals in this competition, including winning three gold medals in the President’s Cup held 20 days ago, and she did not disappoint her expectations for herself. 먹튀검증

Yoo Ah-yoon said, “I didn’t prepare anything special for this competition. She thought of doing her best and not giving up, and she entered the game, and she got good results.” She said, “Both driving and shooting are showing good condition recently. She believes that her stamina is still lacking, so I will work harder to compensate for this,” she revealed.

Choi Chun-ki, coach of Ildong-cho, said, “Ah-yun is usually athletic, but has a sincere attitude to training. It is natural for him to produce good results,” he said. He makes frequent mistakes when the mood doesn’t go the way he wants. If he compensates for this, he will be reborn as a better player.”

On the other hand, coach Choi hinted to Yoo Yoo-yoon that biathlon is being trained so that he can approach biathlon as a play. He also explained that shooting, which requires professional practice, is gaining a sense of real combat through simulation through an electron gun.

Yoo Ah-yoon said, “I will devote myself to the goal of becoming a national biathlon representative. I am also grateful to the leaders and parents who show a lot of interest.”

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