“Yamamoto’s $300 Million Report Is Not True” ESPN, Agent Just Requesting Offer… Conclusion Before Christmas

Amid a series of predictions that the posting price of Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto easily exceeded $300 million, reports said that Yamamoto has not yet been offered the final conditions.

In other words, it is argued that Yamamoto’s offer of $300 million + α so far has no substance.

ESPN reporter Jeff Bankruptcy said on the 19th (Korea time), “The estimated ransom was 175 million dollars earlier this year when Yamamoto announced his entry into the Major League. When the FA market opened, it was expected to reach 200 million dollars, and it soared to 250 million dollars after a few weeks. And recently, multiple media outlets reported that there were teams that called the amount well over 300 million dollars,” adding, “But according to sources, those reports are not accurate.”

$300 million + α came from The Athletic. Columnist Jim Borden reported on the 18th that the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox offered Yamamoto a condition of well over $300 million.

However, the bankruptcy reporter said Yamamoto had just asked the clubs to provide specific conditions.

A bankruptcy reporter said, “Several high-ranking officials who entered the race to recruit Yamamoto were asked to offer a basic offer when the negotiations began. However, it was not up to the level of reaching a contract. His agent Joel Wolff has not asked for a new offer since then. Some clubs are interested in talking about money, and Yamamoto has not asked for anything yet,” he said.월카지노

He added, “It is expected that clubs will start offering terms of the contract as early as today.” In other words, no team has offered more than $300 million directly to Yamamoto, and now full-fledged negotiations will take place over the money.

Yamamoto has been holding a series of meetings centered on big market clubs since early last week. According to local media reports, seven teams including the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago Cubs are reportedly engaged in a heated battle over Yamamoto.

Dodgers President Andrew Friedman, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, San Francisco President Blue Zaidi, and Cubs President Jed Hoyer visited Japan to watch Yamamoto’s actual pitching this season. This month, it was reported that New York Mets owner Steve Cohen and President David Stearns went to Japan to meet Yamamoto and his family for dinner.

So far, the Dodgers, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia have met with Yamamoto once each, and the Yankees and the Mets have twice. In particular, the Mets invited Yamamoto to their home in Connecticut on the 17th for dinner, which was joined by David Stearns, president of the baseball division, Carlos Mendoza, and pitching coach Jeremy Hefner.

For the Yankees, it was confirmed that owner Hal Steinbrenner and general manager Cashman had their second meeting in New York at Yamamoto’s request on the 18th, six days after flying to LA last week to eat with Yamamoto.

LA Dodgers President Andrew Friedman posed together at the joining ceremony for Shohei Ohtani on the 15th (Korea time). USATODAY Yonhap News
Earlier, Yamamoto visited Dodger Stadium on the 14th and held the first round of negotiations with Dodgers officials, including President Friedman, and Ohtani, who signed a 10-year, $700 million contract with the Dodgers, as well as Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and Will Smith, who also went to Dodger Stadium to persuade Yamamoto.

The clubs want Yamamoto to make the final decision before Christmas.

Regarding the contract scenario, the bankruptcy reporter said, “The total amount depends on Yamamoto’s priorities. The 25-year-old can become an FA again at 32 years old if he signs a seven-year contract. He could aim for a 10-year contract. However, he could opt out after four seasons and enter the FA market at 29 years old. Clubs could try to tie him to a lifetime contract of more than 12 years. In that case, he could lower his average salary regarding luxury tax.”

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