‘Worth a billion pounds’ How far is the monster attacker’s potential?

‘Worth 1 billion pounds.’

‘Monster striker’ Erling Haaland (Man City)’s agent rated him very highly.

British media Daily Mail reported on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘Holland’s agent, Rafaella Pimenta, claimed that Haaland was worth £1 billion’. 스포츠토토

Haaland joined Man City from Dortmund (Germany) ahead of this season. He has already scored 25 goals in 19 matches. He also scored three hat-tricks (three goals in one match). There were even reports that his release clause was worth £200 million.

The media quoted an interview article between Pimenta and the Spanish media Ars. Pimenta said: “Haaland is happy to play for Man City now. To me, Haaland is worth astronomical money. Of course no one will pay, but that’s the potential Haaland has.” It is a number that takes into account the additional aspects that Haaland can bring.

The media said, ‘Pimenta thought Haaland could break all records on the field. He also admitted that while his future is unknown, he has never had a problem leaving,’ he added.

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