“Worst ever” China, 3 consecutive games without a goal… Korean referee only blames “for not giving red card” due to danger of elimination from graduation

China is blaming the South Korean referee’s decision despite showing the worst performance ever in the history of the Asian Cup with a new record of no goals in the first three consecutive games.

China, which showed poor performance with colorless and odorless performance, is on the verge of being eliminated at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup due to humiliation of no win for two consecutive games. Even in such a situation, Chinese soccer fans and Internet users are pouring out emotional reactions, blaming the decision on the day and insisting only on the coach’s early dismissal.

China (79th) ended up with a 0-0 draw against Lebanon (107th) at the second Group A match held at Altumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. As a result, China, which had no goal in two matches, was on the verge of elimination from the group stage, as it remained at two points with two draws. There is still plenty of possibility left, but given that the opponent in the third match was Qatar, which won 3-0 against Lebanon in its first match as the host country, China has become a difficult situation.랭크카지노

China, which lacked tactical play, competitiveness, and goal-getting capability, played in two consecutive games. Notably, in the match against Lebanon, China led the game with 60 percent of the market share. In terms of the number of shootings, China also improved compared to the situation in which it was trailing 10 to 20 in the first game with a lead of 15 to 12.

However, the team lacked basic skills. According to Sopa Score, China made 167 errors on the day, more than Lebanon’s 147. In the actual matches, China continuously made inaccurate plays and lost momentum.

The pass itself was inaccurate. China, which attempted 458 passes, only succeeded 347 passes, with its success rate standing at only 76 percent. China, which attempted 396 passes in the first round, saw its pass success rate remain at 74 percent. China recorded a whopping 101 pass misses, but in the second round, the number of failures increased to 110.

Compared to Korea’s high success rate of 88% (583 times) by attempting 660 passes against Bahrain, one can guess how disastrous China’s performance was.

His scoring ability was even more serious as he recorded six effective shots out of 15 shots, but failed to score a single goal. In fact, he set a new record of no goal in three consecutive games including the last one.

China’s media Soho illuminated, “China will set a new record with Lebanon for the first time in the history of the Asian Cup with three consecutive matches without a goal.” In another article under the title of “Worst in History,” the media also said, “China scored no goals for the first time in the first and second games in 13 Asian Cup appearances.”

China previously lost 0-3 against Iran at the 2019 Asian Cup and ended up with no goal. In the first and second matches, he has been silent without a goal, even against weak players outside the top 100 of the FIFA rankings.

Earlier, China had only a 0-0 draw after a pathetic skirmish against Tajikistan (106th), which played in the first Asian Cup in the first group match, falling behind 10-20 in the number of shots and 49-51 in the share.

His performance has been disheartening lately. He also lost three consecutive exhibition games before the Asian Cup. He was completely defeated by Korea 0-3 in the exhibition games held in his country. Then, he continued the worst trend ever, losing 0-2 to Oman and 1-2 to Hong Kong. More than anything else, there were shocking reactions to China’s loss to Hong Kong for the first time since 1985. Since Korea had never lost against Hong Kong in about 30 years, it expressed a sense of crisis over the Korean national team.

In the end, he tried to rebound the atmosphere of Chinese men’s soccer, which was stagnant due to the Asian Cup’s good performance, but now he has to worry about being eliminated from the group stage as the expected bad performance continues.

Even right after the first round match, there were many prospects that pointed out the national team’s performance. “China was very passive in the match against Tajikistan. Instead of an inefficient system, we need to suppress the opponent through a reasonable system and formation. We need to be proactive,” Sina Sports said.

In the second round, however, China increased its possession and attempted to shoot more aggressively, but its performance did not change much. China failed to lead the attack against Lebanon, which was ranked one level lower, and only made inaccurate passes. If it failed to create opportunities at set piece, it would not have produced any significant scene. As the game desperately needed victory, China staged counterattacks by passively lowering the line, but even that was not powerful.

Led by head coach Aleksandar Jankovic, China has brought up a 5-3-2 formation. Jan Zunling put on goalie gloves and Dai Weijun, Wang Xiangyuan, and Xu Xin formed a midfielder at the four-back line of Liu Yang, Zhu Qianzhe, Zhang Guangtai, Zhang Linfeng, and Liu Binbin. The front two strikers were Jang Yuning on the left and Wu Lei on the right.

In China’s starting formation on the day, there were some replacements, including Xu Xin, but there was not enough change in the big frame. Above all, China’s tactical color was not clearly revealed in the second match. Wu Lei, a European player who is known as the “Messi of China,” lost his lone chance in front of the goal in the second half and was pushed out of contention throughout the game, before being replaced early in the 20th minute of the second half.

Even though it was a game that desperately needed three points, it continued with a passive counterattack that lowered the line, but it took an aggressive operation late in the second half, but even that was not profitable. Due to the lack of pass accuracy, he repeatedly gave up counterattacks to the opponent. Rather, Lebanon played a more threatening game than China, hitting the goal twice and creating several one-on-one chances.

In fact, Lebanon, which faced China, ranked 107th in the FIFA rankings, which was one level lower than Tajikistan.

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