Woori Card Song Heechae↔OK Financial Group Song Myunggeun 1:1 Trade

Song Hee-chae and Song Myung-geun are switching uniforms.

On the 26th, Woori Card and OK Financial Group announced a trade that has already been agreed upon. Woori Card will send outside hitter Song Hee-chae and receive outside hitter Song Myung-geun from OK Financial Group in a 1:1 trade.

Song Myung-geun, born in 1993, will be wearing the jersey of Woori Card for the second time after graduating from Kyungpook National University and playing as a founding member of OK Financial Group.

Song Hee-chae, who is returning to OK Financial Group, was born in 1992 and played five seasons as a founding member of OK Financial Group after graduating from Kyungpook National University before playing for Samsung Fire and Woori Card.

The deal is linked to the trade of Hwang Seung-bin from Woori Card and Han Sung-jung from KB Insurance, which was announced the day before. Woori Card needed to reorganize its roster following the free agency of key player Na Kyung-bok and pursued a number of options, eventually piecing together Hwang Seung-bin and Song Hee-chae to form a new powerhouse.안전놀이터

Song Hee-chae and Song Myeong-geun were known as the “Big Three” alongside setter Lee Min-gyu. They shared a championship together, but this trade sees them swap jerseys.

The winner of this trade will be determined after the season is over. Both clubs are looking to stabilize and improve their power.

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