“Without Casemiro, Turnhagh is also Solskjaer!”… When ‘Wolcle MF’ was omitted, performance plummeted

 Man Utd without Casemiro would not be Man Utd.

As Manchester United (Man Utd) stopped their home winning streak, the importance of Casemiro, the team’s key midfielder, was highlighted. There is a big difference between the game he played as a starter and the game he didn’t, but this game was no different.

On the 9th (Korean time), Manchester United won the 2022/23 Premier League home game held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, after a 2-2 draw after a slugfest.

Manchester United, who only scored 1 point, narrowed the gap with 2nd place Manchester City (45 points) to 3 points with 42 points, but accepted an unsatisfactory result given that Leeds is a team in the relegation zone and is playing at home.

In particular, the 13th consecutive home game victory that started with Tottenham on October 20 was stopped in this Leeds match.

It is the first time in six months since the opening game against Brighton (1-2 loss) on August 7 last year that more than two goals were scored in a Premier League home game.

After the draw against Leeds, the European statistical media’Opta’ released a statistic. In the Premier League games where Casemiro has started this season, United have averaged 2.3 points per game, but when he is out of the start the average is 1.4 points.

If Casemiro played from the first half kickoff, it means that he was closer to victory. If he falls out, the odds of a draw increase dramatically. 온라인카지노

Also, Manchester United’s Premier League average conceded goals in matches where Casemiro started was 0.7 goals, which rose significantly to 2.1 goals without him.

After playing for Spain’s Real Madrid, Casemiro, who came to Manchester United at the end of last summer’s transfer window and took on a new challenge, showed off his ‘world-class’ performance to the fullest and controlled the midfield to become a key player in Manchester United at once.

However, Casemiro intervened in a battle of nerves when players from both teams collided in the second half against Crystal Palace in the Premier League on the 5th of last month, and it was confirmed that he was strangling opposing midfielder Will Hughes. declared

The match against Leeds was Casemiro’s first absence, as he was suspended for three matches, and it was a 2-2 draw even though Manchester United were unable to fill Casemiro’s void due to poor performance.

On social media, it was announced that Casemiro’s absence was a big blow to Manchester United, such as criticism that “Because there is no Casemiro, Turnhach and Solskjaer” came out.

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