Wingback Real Madrid wanted, there was a reason why he chose Tottenham

 It was revealed that Real Madrid (Spain) was also interested in the POW (Spain) successfully recruited by Tottenham (England).

Tottenham announced the signing of a prisoner on the 1st (Korean time). Poro joined Tottenham on a full transfer condition after loan. Tottenham announced the signing of the prisoner with 11 minutes left in the transfer window.

On the 3rd, England’s HITC introduced a recruitment competition for a prisoner who joined Tottenham. The media said, ‘The prisoner Tottenham wanted confirmed the Tottenham transfer with 10 minutes left before the transfer window deadline. For one month in January, rumors of a transfer to Tottenham drew attention. Sporting wanted a buyout amount and Tottenham wanted a split deal. In the end, Tottenham paid 40 million pounds (about 60.3 billion won), including rent, and recruited a prisoner. 스포츠토토

In particular, ‘Chelsea wanted a prisoner and Real Madrid wanted a prisoner. Real Madrid also wrote a scouting report on the captive. However, Tottenham sent Spence on loan for a prisoner and terminated the contract with Doherty. Tottenham have cleared their squad for prisoners. It was the best choice for a prisoner of war,’ he said. Also, ‘A move to Real Madrid would have been attractive for a poro. But at Real Madrid, Carbayal is the first option. Poro is a rotational resource in Real Madrid, but he can be a key player in Tottenham.

Poro is a wingback with excellent attacking capabilities that Tottenham coach Conte wants. Poro has recorded 3 goals and 11 assists in 26 appearances for Sporting this season. Tottenham sent right wingback Spence on loan and terminated the contract with Doherty ahead of the signing of the prisoner on transfer market deadline day, sorting out the wingback.

Poro, who joined Tottenham, said, “It’s great to transfer. I really wanted to come to Tottenham. It’s a special opportunity for me. Playing in the Premier League is a dream since I was a child.”

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