Will Casemiro’s partner change? Watch Manchester United, Brighton duo

Manchester United are monitoring Moises Caicedo and Alexis McAllister.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “Manager Eric ten Hag plans to sign central midfielders in the transfer window this summer, and Brighton’s Caicedo and McAllister are included in the list of potential transfers.”

Caicedo and McAllister are the players responsible for Brighton’s midfield. Both players have already been verified within the English Premier League (EPL), and McAllister also played a big role in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and received a lot of interest from many clubs in the winter transfer market held right after the World Cup. did. Both players are active and have some level of skill.메이저사이트

Previously, Manchester United’s top target was Frankie the Yong. However, as in the summer transfer window, it is unclear whether Manchester United will be able to sign The Dragon in the upcoming summer transfer window, as the dragon’s will is so strong. Caicedo and Mac Allister are also considered targets to replace The Dragon.

It seems to be considering the departure of Casemiro and the condition of Christian Eriksen. Casemiro and Eriksen, who were signed ahead of this season, have maintained good performances on the pitch, but have missed many games due to sending offs and injuries, respectively. Coach Ten Hagh filled the void of the two players by placing Bruno Fernandez in the third line, but it is true that there are regrets in the play of Scott McTominay and Fred, the former candidates for the third line. Manager Ten Haag seems to want to see no matter who plays in Manchester United’s third line, he doesn’t get pushed back.

There is also Marcel Mercy, but in the case of Mercy, the future is still uncertain because it is a rental status.

The problem is the transfer fee. The transfer fee is expected to be high as both players have recently renewed their contracts. ‘Telegraph’ explained, “Caicedo extended his contract until 2027, and McAllister signed a renewal last October. Both players can exceed the value of £70 million (approximately 114.6 billion).”

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