What would have happened if I had given up and kicked him out at that time… Resignation Jesus Easter, Lotte can do the same

Aaron Wilkerson, 35, who joined Lotte as a substitute foreign player last year, recorded seven wins and two losses with a 2.26 ERA in 13 games this season, displaying superb performance. He was not a fastball player, but he was strong and had good command to use the higher course. There was no reason not to renew the contract.업소알바

However, Wilkerson was sluggish early this season, putting club officials in trouble. Wilkerson had a 5.12 ERA in seven games through April. He didn’t give up many walks, but he had a lot of hits. It was a symbolic indicator that Wilkerson’s ball power declined. His ball speed dropped a little, and he didn’t have as much leeway as last year. He was often beaten while entering the zone.

Industry insiders say in unison, “We had a serious discussion over whether Lotte should replace Wilkerson.” The team is also ready to allow scouts to start searching for foreign players at any time. As a player whose ball speed is not that fast, there could be no answer if the tip of the ball, which is his strength, falls off. The best thing, however, was for Wilkerson to rebound. In any case, there was no pitcher suitable for the U.S. market. The best thing for Wilkerson to come alive was that. Lotte decided not to give up on Wilkerson and to wait and see the situation further.

Wilkerson’s ball power declined at the beginning of the season because his physical condition was not 100%. Wilkerson, who did not want to bother his team, silently turned around the starting rotation without expressing his intention. Wilkerson himself must have known the story and situation surrounding him. He could have felt impatient or annoyed, but Wilkerson calmly looked back on his situation and tried to improve.

Wilkerson thought that the situation at the time could come to anyone, and tried to make an effort to get through the situation. “I think there will be a bad time when everyone plays,” Wilkerson said after a four-out shutout against KIA in Gwangju on the 4th, adding, “Every time, you have to try, adjust, and match as much as you need.”

Wilkerson then rebounded sharply. Since May, he has found the ball perfectly. Wilkerson has pitched 42 ⅓ innings in six games since May, recording four wins and two losses with a 1.91 ERA. During the period, his on-base hit per inning (WHIP) was only 1.06. At the match against KIA in Gwangju on Monday, he displayed full-throw pitching with five hits, no four outs and nine strikeouts during nine innings, culminating in his performance. It is the first time that a shutout has come out in the KBO league since 2022. This game showed Wilkerson’s explosive power. Coach Kim Tae-hyung also gave Wilkerson a thumbs-up saying his ball power has improved.

He took a breather. Lotte, which did not give up on Wilkerson, will smile again. However, Wilkerson is not overconfident or careless. He is not letting go of his nerves. Wilkerson cautioned that although he has been showing good performances these days, bad games or bad performances may come out again in the future. That is what baseball means. It can’t always be good. There is no reason to be complacent. However, bad times go by someday if you try. That is why you don’t feel discouraged every day.

Wilkerson said, “Whenever that happens, you have to keep the bad parts short and just look forward and make corrections. You have to try to adjust and get back to a good shape.” Wilkerson’s case, which is on track, could serve as a good example for the entire Lotte team, which is in the bottom half.

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