‘We’re done signing Kim Min-jae?” Man Utd not clearing sale, but can we believe it?

The English Premier League’s Manchester United can’t be trusted with the summer transfer window, with reports of active interest in a number of players, but no definitive moves. Moreover, there are still fundamental issues that need to be resolved. The club is still in the process of being sold. This raises the question of whether the club will be able to finalize any signings.

Recently, there has been a lot of transfer news in the English media, with United as the main character. The Red Devils have been linked with big-name transfers. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), Victor Osimhen (Napoli), Rasmus Hauerlund (Atalanta), and Mason Mount (Chelsea) have all been heavily linked with the club. Recently, there was even talk of signing superstar Neymar (PSG).

There was also news that made Korean soccer fans especially excited. Kim Min-jae, a world-class defender who led Napoli to their first league title in 33 years this season, is reportedly close to completing a transfer to Man United. The Red Devils are also reportedly interested in ‘Golden Boy’ Lee Kang-in (Mallorca).

So far, it looks like United will be quite aggressive in the summer transfer market. It’s a sign that they’re looking to build a winning team by adding players across the board in attack, midfield, and defense.

However, there’s something odd about this move. It’s almost as if they’re intentionally making a big deal out of it and blowing it out of proportion. Furthermore, most of the local media reports have a similarly nuanced disclaimer.

“The club’s immediate issues need to be resolved first” or something like that. The “immediate task” is the transfer of ownership of the club, i.e. the sale, which is a prerequisite for the transfer to take place. It’s a no-brainer. You can’t finalize a player’s signing while the club’s final decision maker is still unknown.

The Glazer family, who currently own the club, announced in November last year that the club was for sale. Since then, a two-way battle between Sheikh Jassim, chairman of Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), and Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos, has been raging. This has been going on for almost six months now, and it’s still not concluded. The Glazer family continues to weigh their options, delaying a final decision. There are no signs of a quick resolution.안전놀이터

If this stalemate continues, it could put all of United’s big transfer window signings on hold. After the sale of the club is finalized, the new owners will need to clean up their act before they can approve transfers, and that takes time, so they’ll need to be done by at least early to mid-June so they can make quick decisions in the transfer market. Otherwise, we could miss out on some of the most coveted players.

But United’s hierarchy – the Glazers – are too relaxed to be lazy. There’s even a suspicion that they’re deliberately creating this situation so they can make more money. This is why United’s transfer reports are so suspicious.

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