Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team won the 6th Storm Cup National Championship

Gyeonggi Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team won two championships in a row and emerged as the strongest youth baseball team this year.

The Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team defeated the Gyeonggi Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team 6-3 at the 6th Storm Cup National Youth Baseball Championship (hosted by the Korea Youth Baseball Federation) and rose to the top. 메이저사이트

Hosted by Storm Baseball, a company specializing in baseball equipment, and sponsored by the Hoengseong-gun and Hoengseong-gun Athletic Association, this tournament was held over the weekend from the 18th to the 26th, with 84 teams participating in 5 baseball parks in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do. The competition was fierce in a tournament format for a total of 6 championship cups, including the Sprout League (U-9), Dream Tree League (U-11), Youth League (U-13), and Junior League (U-16).

Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team played against Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team, which produced Doosan Bears Choi Seung-yong and Kiwoom Heroes rookie Oh Sang-won, in the final of the strongest league, U-13. The two teams also met in the finals of the 8th Sunchang-gun Wanted Competition, the first tournament of this year, and Uijeongbu City won 4-2 and won the championship.

Uijeongbu City scored two runs first with Yang Da-hyeok (Cheongwon Middle School 1)’s walk and Cho Jae-min (Jayang Elementary School 1)’s double on the left field in the first inning, followed by a left-handed hit by Oh Jeong-jae (Shinheung Middle School 1), the fourth batter. 6) allowed a timely hit in the right middle and was chased 2-1. However, in the top of the 3rd inning, catcher Chae Yong-ho (Sangmyung Middle School 1) doubled with 2 RBIs to the left field, widening the score to 5-1. A ground ball added a point to decide the game.

Chae Yong-ho, who played an active role as the team’s catcher with stable defense and 2 RBIs and doubles in the final, won the MVP of the tournament, and Lim Ji-min and Lim Ji-min, who contributed to the team’s runner-up by wielding 6 hits and 3 RBIs in all at-bats in the semifinals and finals only. Oh Jeong-jae, who scored an RBI with a decisive hit at the moment, won the Outstanding Player Award.

MVP Chae Yong-ho said, “I’ve only been catcher since I started playing baseball, and I still like catcher, so I’m doing it even in middle school. The coach doesn’t give us strategies and lets us solve the game by ourselves, but baseball gets better and it’s so much fun. Doosan Bears Yang Eui-ji. I like and want to become a professional baseball catcher representing Korea.”

Nam-ki Jo, coach of the Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team, who won the competition coach award, said, “I am happy to have won the first two tournaments in a row this year, but I feel pressure for the next tournament. I think I have a. I am grateful to my parents who always support and support me without change.”

Lee Sang-geun, president of the Korea Youth Baseball Federation, said, “Currently, youth sports as well as youth baseball are in crisis, but we are responding quickly by developing various contents and reforming the regular system. I would like to thank Hoengseong County Mayor Kim Myeong-gi, Park Myeong-seo, Hoengseong-gun Sports President, and Storm Baseball CEO Jung Jae-eun, the representative of baseball equipment in Korea.”

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