Two teams that recruited ‘replacement foreign players’, ‘Hyundai E&C vs Korea Expressway Corporation’

Hyundai E&C and Korea Expressway Corporation are preparing for a 5th round confrontation. The two teams will start the match on the 14th at 7pm at the Suwon Gymnasium.

The home team, Hyundai E&C, leads with 21 wins, 6 losses, and 61 points, while the away team, Korea Expressway Corporation, is in third place with 15 wins, 12 losses, and 44 points. It’s a match between 1st and 3rd place.

The two teams have one thing in common: foreign players were replaced during the season. Hyundai E&C has been playing Yvone Montaño since the last game due to Yasmin’s back injury, and Korea Expressway Corporation is accelerating its rise by changing foreign players from Katarina to Catbell.

Hyundai E&C is currently in a difficult situation. Even when they continued their 15-game winning streak after the opening, it seemed like it would be easy to keep first place in the regular league. However, the aftermath of Yasmin’s hiatus has grown more and more as time passed. In the middle of the season, Yang Hyo-jin and Da-hyun Lee had a short break. Afterwards, Hyundai E&C managed to join Montaño, a new foreign player, but now it is experiencing another difficulty in the absence of Kim Yeon-gyeon, the main libero.

Hyundai E&C is currently on a losing streak, losing to the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank following Heungkuk Life Insurance. They have 1 win and 4 losses in their last 5 matches. The key is how to turn this difficult atmosphere around today.

Korea Expressway Corporation has been cruising with a recent 4-game winning streak, but the winning streak came to an end with a 1-3 loss to GS Caltex on the 9th. The plan to go to the playoffs without a semi-playoff with a solid 3rd place is still valid, but it cannot be denied that the situation is in the pursuit of 4th and 5th place. It is the road construction that needs to take care of victory points and victory again from today.

In the four matches between the two teams this season, Hyundai E&C is showing an advantage with 3 wins and 1 loss. From round 1 to round 3, Hyundai E&C won, and in the most recent round 4 match on January 24th, Korea Expressway Corporation won 3-1.

The key points of today’s game are the performance of Montaño, a foreign player of Hyundai E&C, and the absence of the libero. If both are done in compliance, Hyundai E&C can perform well. However, in the opposite situation, road construction becomes an advantage.

Montaño played as a starter in the Pepper Savings Bank match on the 10th and recorded 13 points (18% attack share, 37.5% success rate, 15.6% efficiency). He was still at the level of coordinating the senses of the actual game with Da-in Kim, the setter, but the potential was visible. The checkpoint is whether we can show a more developed image today.

In the case of the libero, Kim Joo-ha took the place of Kim Yeon-gyeon. Kim Joo-ha received 8 out of 18 correctly, and Digg tried 38 and succeeded in 33. It was fine numerically, but there was a difference from Kim Yeon-gyeon’s agile movement. The second checkpoint is how well you will perform in the second game today. 먹튀검증

Against this, the Korea Expressway Corporation unravels the game with the attack of foreign player Catbell and Park Jung-ah standing on the opposite side. Libero Im Myung-ok and Moon Jung-won’s receive line are also in good shape. It is also necessary to keep an eye on whether the attacking ability is maintained above the appropriate level and whether the back attack can be actively used when necessary.

Another interesting element of today’s match is the midfield match. For Hyundai E&C, Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Da-hyun are active in the midfield. In the last game, Lee Da-hyun scored 19 points and played a big role. In the case of the road construction, the experience of Jeong Dae-young and Bae Yoo-na unfolds on the court. In terms of technique, it is the best in the country. The midfield fight is also expected today.

The confrontation between the two teams has always been a heated battle. Can the game be played on this extended line today? Hyundai E&C and Korea Expressway Corporation met again in various variables.

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