Troublesome players, troublesome clubs

Professional baseball ‘injury warning’ within a week of opening

KIA Kim Do-young, toe fracture surgery
Ki-woom Song Seong-moon, Jeon Byung-woo, 1st team excluded
Concerns about sluggish box office performance

One after another Less than a week has passed since professional baseball opened, but injured players are appearing one after another. In the midst of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) disastrous defeat and various gossips, even the stars are closed due to injuries, and there is an atmosphere of concern about box office success. In particular, each club is stomping its feet to avoid being pushed out of the ranking fight at the beginning of the season as key players are left out.메이저사이트

KIA is suffering from an injury to second-year infielder Kim Do-yeong (20). Kim Do-young suffered a fracture in his left little toe while playing base in a match against SSG on the 2nd and was diagnosed with 4 months. Kim Do-young, who completed surgery on the 4th, is resting. As Kim Do-young suffered an injury in a situation where he predicted a big success this season by hitting 4 hits in 8 at-bats in the opening two games, the KIA has no choice but to feel more regretful. Na Seong-beom is also injured. Na Seong-beom went to the WBC and returned with a calf injury. He’s supposed to take 4 weeks to recover, but after going through rehab, etc., it seems like he needs two months to return.

Two players were injured in one mistake by Kiwoom. Song Seong-moon made a mistake in throwing against Hanwha on the 2nd, he couldn’t swallow the powder and hit a chair in the dugout and broke his right little finger. Song Seong-moon needs 10 weeks to return. Jeon Byung-woo injured Song Seong-moon’s back while trying to catch him. Jeon Byeong-woo was also excluded from the first group.

Not one club is crying over the injury of a foreign player who should be the core of the team. Taylor Widener, who was picked as the second starter for NC, was withdrawn from the entry due to back pain during running training. NC outfielder Jason Martin had a problem with his side while swinging in vain against Doosan on the 5th. Doosan also regrets the injury of pitcher Dylan Pyle. Dylan suffered a giddy injury after being hit in the head by a batted ball during spring training. Dylan was not included in the opening entry, and the timing of his return is still unclear.

Hanwha and SSG are already tinkering with replacement cards due to foreign pitcher injuries. In Hanwha, Birch Smith, who was in charge of the first starter, complained of shoulder pain and was canceled from the first team entry. Hanwha is ready to bring in a new foreign pitcher immediately if it is judged that Smith’s recovery will take a long time. SSG is considering a replacement without even putting first-choice Annie Romero on the first-team entry. Romero plagued the club in spring training when he complained of shoulder pain. An official from SSG said, “We are monitoring the situation,” and “We are preparing from various angles, such as recruiting new foreign players.”

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