‘Three new records’ in the bottom of the ninth inning…Ohtani makes history

For the man dubbed “baseball itself,” MVP doesn’t seem to matter anymore. With 14 home runs this month alone, he’s made major league history, breaking a 102-year-old record.온라인카지노

Reporter Seonmin Oh.


< Chicago White Sox 9:7 LA Angels|USA Major League Baseball >

Ohtani was fooled by a low slider and only struck out twice, but he was still a force to be reckoned with.

[Local play-by-play: let Ohtani walk, it’s just too much of a risk at this point].

With two outs in the bottom of the fourth inning, the opposing manager didn’t even want to give him a chance to hit the ball.

He decided it was better to send Ohtani, who had hit 13 home runs in four weeks, out on a high four.

After not getting a single hit all game, Ohtani didn’t miss his last chance.

In the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and runners on first and second, he pulled a 139-mile-per-hour slider for a huge home run.

It was his 29th home run of the season, and he needs one more to reach 30 for the third straight year, but what’s even more amazing is the speed.

Half of those, 14 arches, have come this month.

By hitting the most home runs in a single month, Ohtani has changed the history of both the Angels organization and Japanese big leaguers.

For a starting pitcher, he also made major league history by surpassing Babe Ruth’s record of 13 homers set 102 years ago.

Considering it’s only the first half of the season, the dream 60-homer plateau isn’t far behind.

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