This year’s LPGA Tour, more than 20 Korean players participated

It is expected that more than 20 Korean players will continue to appear on the LPGA tour this year.

Looking at the 2023 season participation categories of players recently posted by the LPGA Tour, 13 players within the 80th place can participate, including Choi Hye-jin, who ranked 5th in CME points last year, Inji Jeon, who ranked 9th, and Hyo-joo Kim, who ranked 12th. Inbi Park, who is about to give birth, has not applied for a postponement of pregnancy. On the other hand, Park Hee-young and Heo Mi-jung apply for a postponement of their pregnancy, so their participation rights are extended for another year. 먹튀검증

Major competitions have their own regulations, and the Asian Swing, which is held in a limited field of less than 80 people, has a separate regulation, but the players who can appear in full-field competitions are determined according to the items set by the tour.

In the major category that gives the right to participate for five years, four people, including 2018 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship winner Park Seong-hyun and 2020 ANA Inspiration champion Lee Mi-rim, maintained their right to participate. Ryu So-yeon won the ANA Inspiration in 2017, and Kim In-kyung also won the Rico Women’s British Championship in the same year, but due to the coronavirus infection (Corona 19), the tour organizers increased the right to participate in the majors by six years.

Among the 10 people who came up through the second division Epson tour last season, Jang Hyo-jun and through the qualifying school held at the end of last year, Yoo Hae-ran and Park Geum-gang, who were in the 20th place, and the frequency of frequency in the 21st to 45th place were listed on the list of contestants. However, Joo Soo-bin is given the right to participate in the second part of the Epson Tour because the right to participate is in the lower priority.

More than 20 people can participate in 33 tournaments scheduled for this year, and the opportunity to participate is limited. can

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