“This is International Match,” Hong Myung-bo’s bony words. “If you can’t grow now…”

“Today, we received a response from the Korea Professional Football Association (KPFA) stating that the substitution violation that occurred on October 28 against the Pohang Steelers does not qualify for a forfeit and post-match disciplinary action,” Jeonbuk Hyundai said in a statement on the club’s channel. “While we regret this decision, we have decided to respect the decision and opinion of the KPFA.

“We are hopeful that the rules will be interpreted and applied fairly and consistently in the future to prevent similar situations like this one from happening again.” The organization called for the prevention of similar incidents in the professional arena.토토사이트

The outrageous mistake occurred during the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 Round 25 match between Jeonbuk and Pohang at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on March 28.

In the 26th minute of the first half, Pohang asked the referee to remove Kim In-sung and insert Shin Kwang-hoon. However, the referees mistakenly thought they were removing Kim Yong-hwan and inserting Shin Kwang-hoon, sending Kim Yong-hwan, who was receiving treatment for an injury off the field, to the bench and inserting Shin Kwang-hoon. Kim In-sung remained on the field.

The Jeonbuk coaching staff protested the situation, which no one understood. Eventually, in the 31st minute, the referees realized the mistake and sent Kim In-sung off and the game continued. The result was a 1-1 draw.

After the game, Jeonbuk filed a complaint with the KFA, stating that “Kim In-sung and Shin Kwang-hoon are ineligible players under the K League Playing Regulations, so the result of the game should be corrected to a 0-3 forfeit loss for Pohang.

After a lengthy meeting, the KFA said on July 7, “We acknowledge that Kim In-sung and Shin Kwang-hoon participated in the match at the same time. However, we cannot consider them as ineligible players because the cause of the incident occurred in an area that is solely the responsibility of the referee, not the club. The referee is responsible for the substitution mistake.” We have also attached similar cases from Korea and abroad.

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