“These days, baseball tastes good!”…’Top De’ Lotte fans responded to Lotte with a ‘full crowd game’

“These days, Lotte baseball balls taste great!” “Let’s go see the fall baseball now!”

In the 2023 season, the Lotte Giants, who are running at the top of the Korean Professional Baseball (KBO) league, are active, and Lotte fans enthusiastically responded with a ‘full crowd game’. Lotte fans cheered for Lotte’s advance into fall baseball, adding strength to the strong momentum of the Lotte team toward victory at the beginning of this season.

Lotte lost 0-5 in the third game of the season against SSG Landers held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 20th. Lotte was shaken by starting pitcher Strayley, giving up 5 runs in 5 innings, and the other line was blocked by opposing pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim, giving up the game. Lotte recorded 1 win and 1 loss in 3 consecutive home matches against SSG, and the winning series was decided in the game on the 21st.

On this day, Sajik Baseball Stadium, where the ‘Busan Series’ event was held, had all 22,990 seats, making it a packed game. Lotte achieved its second sold-out game this season following the game on the 30th. Amid Lotte’s leap to the top this season, KBO exceeded 2 million cumulative spectators this season.

On this day, almost all seats were sold through online reservations early on, and a full crowd was expected. On this day, a long line was formed at Sajik Stadium with spectators seeking tickets for some on-site sales. The Lotte team put up a ‘ticket sold out’ placard before the game started as spectators seeking tickets continued to flow in.안전놀이터

Lotte fans who entered Sajik Stadium greeted the team wearing camellia uniforms provided by the Lotte club. All seats in the infield and outfield of Sajik Stadium were covered with waves of red camellia. 22,990 spectators sang cheering songs for the Lotte team and cheered on the waves while enjoying the long-awaited ‘Spring of Busan Baseball’.

Although the match ended in a 0-5 loss to Lotte, Lotte fans did not leave the stadium and enjoyed the romance of mid-May by enjoying a splendid fireworks show prepared by Lotte.

A Lotte fan who watched the game on the day said, “I live for the fun of watching Lotte baseball these days.” Another Lotte fan smiled and said, “We lost the game today, but we are just taking a break.”

On the 21st, in the last game of the 3rd home game against SSG, Lotte challenges the winning series with Charlie Barnes as the starting pitcher. If Lotte wins the game on the 21st, it will achieve 4 consecutive winning series.

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