There was a reason why the director wasn’t worried, Jung Woo-ram, who became a holdman again, ‘Gunjae’

Hanwha captain Jeong Woo-ram (38) finished his first actual game cleanly by committing a three-way offense. 

Jung Woo-ram made a relief mound in the 2023 KBO League demonstration game against KT at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 15th, and blocked one inning in the 8th inning with a three-way offense. He came up from a 6-4, 2-point lead and took a hold in his first appearance. 

In the 8th inning, Jeong Woo-ram, who caught lead batter Jung Joon-yeong with a fly ball in the first base infield after an 8-pitch full count match, played a 7-pitch full count match with Park Kyung-soo. This time, the same first base infield fly ball out. The next hitter, Kim Min-hyeok, also induced a ground ball to second base, and withdrew. 토토사이트

The total number of pitches was 19, 11 strikes and 8 balls. He threw four types of pitches, including a fastball (9) with a maximum speed of 139 km, a changeup (5), two-seam (3), and a slider (2). He threw a changeup that was not used well against left-handed hitters, and was a strong test character. 

Born in 1985, 38-year-old Jung Woo-ram, the oldest member of the Hanwha team, took on the captain’s armband at the request of manager Carlos Subero. It is unusual for the oldest player to serve as captain, but Jung Woo-ram readily accepted it. Since the second half of last year, he has already made an effort to catch up with the team discipline without hesitation. 

During the spring camps in Arizona, USA, and Okinawa, Japan, he did not pitch in actual matches, but he personally prepared diligently. Regarding the timing of Jeong Woo-ram’s appearance before the game, Subero said, “We will see it soon. He is a player who prepares at his own pace every year. He is not that year old, and until the start of the season, he knows what he has to do,” he expressed his trust. From his first start, he lived up to coach Subero’s trust with a clean three-way strike. 

Hanwha currently has only three left-handed pitchers in the first team, including Jung Woo-ram and Kim Beom-soo, and Kim Ki-joong, who was called up that day. Coach Subero also admitted, “The lack of a left-handed pitcher in the bullpen is a weakness.” Kim Beom-soo is one of the candidates for a closer, so a left-hander is essential to play as a setup man in the middle. Jung Woo-ram should do his part. 

Coach Subero said, “This year, I want to entrust Kim Beom-soo with a heavy responsibility in the second half of the game. Jung Woo-ram will appear mainly in the 6th and 7th episodes like last year. After recovering from a shoulder injury in September of last year, Jung Woo-ram played his part in the middle with 9 holds. If Jung Woo-ram, who has a lot of intermediate experience with 4th place (137) in KBO league history and 2 holds kings (2008, 2011), takes over as the back, the composition of the Hanwha bullpen will be much more diverse. /

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