There is no replacement effect… The eyes on Montaño after two games

The number of victories for the leading Mercury is hardly working. This is the story of Montaño, a new foreign player of Hyundai E&C in the women’s professional volleyball team.

Hyundai E&C is not seeing the effect of recruiting Montaño. On the 14th, they lost to Korea Expressway Corporation with a set score of 1-3 (25-21 21-25 20-25 20-25). With this loss, they fell into a 3-game losing streak. This is the first 3 consecutive losses this season.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction recruited Montaño in place of Yasmin, who left due to a back injury on the 6th.

Yasmin’s condition did not improve after undergoing surgery for a herniated disc in December of last year, and Hyundai E&C played the season without foreigners. Domestic players such as veteran Hwang Yeon-ju shared the role of foreigners, but it was not enough.

Apposite Spiker Montaño has a history of winning the top scorer in the Swiss league for two consecutive years. Until recently, he led the team’s offensive power, playing as the main striker for Murat Pasa Belediyeje in the Turkish second division.

Montaño said, “He feels pressure because he joined a team that is doing well, but I think I have to carry it. I will not give up and will try to the end,” he said, vowing to contribute to Susu, the leader of Hyundai E&C.

However, the replacement effect has not yet emerged. Montaño scored 13 points against Pepper Savings Bank in the last 10 in his first start. His attack success rate stood at 37.50%. The team suffered the humiliation of losing to the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank after a full set match.

His second match, the roadworks evangelist Montaño, was a look he hadn’t yet adapted to. On this day, Montaño scored 20 points, but his attack success rate was 33.96%, which fell further than the previous game.

The command tower is in the position that it still needs time. Kang Seong-hyung, director of Hyundai E&C, said, “I don’t know what level I am yet, but there is a difference between when I do well and when I don’t. I wonder if I should adapt more to domestic volleyball,” he said. He then commented, “If a foreign player handles the rising ball well, it becomes a strong team, but there are still breathing problems.” 먹튀검증

Catbell, an outsider from Korea Expressway Corporation, who faced Montaño that day, is also playing in the V-League as a substitute outsider during the season. Catbell joined Korea Expressway Corporation in early January.

What about Montaño from the perspective of an alternative foreigner? He put up 22 points with Montaño watching. Catbell said, “When I was blocking, it was not difficult to block Montaño’s attack.”

He said, “The team called Hyundai E&C has a standard blocking. Like Hyo-jin Yang, it is difficult to hit in terms of height, and blocking itself is not easy.”

For Hyundai E&C, current starter Kim Yeon-gyeon left due to an ankle injury, and outside hitter Hwang Min-kyung also missed the last two games due to a back injury. While suffering from a rope injury, even Montaño is still undergoing an adaptation process, and the team’s organizational power is collapsing. Director Kang also regretted, saying, “The team color and organizational part are collapsing.” The longer Montaño takes to adapt, the bigger Hyundai E&C’s concerns.

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