“There is no obvious opportunity.” A heavy word from Kim Yoon-ha, a high school graduate rookie

Kim Yoon-ha’s name contains the future of Kiwoom in the professional baseball league. He is a high school graduate who was selected as the ninth in the first round of the 2024 KBO rookie draft. He is one of the two heroes who earned the title of “first round” along with Jeon Joon-pyo (the eighth), who earned the title of “first round” after winning another first round pick through a trade with LG.꽁머니

◆ Immediate sense of power

He is a right-handed pitcher who went through Deoksu Middle School and Jangchung High School, and his main weapon is a powerful fastball that reaches 150 kilometers per hour. He is typical of a traditional right-hander who deals with batters by mixing curves with splitter, which is a crystal ball.

He sweats a lot for his debut season. He joined the 40-man roster of Kaohsiung Camp in Taiwan for the first time in his overseas training camp. He also had good wishes. He was included in the 10 players who were called to participate in the main team of the Korean Professional Baseball Organization (KBO). Thanks to this, he is now training with seniors who are participating in the KBO League.

“Even though he is a rookie, the ball is heavy and heavy. He is a pitcher who can feel strength and physical strength,” second-tier coach Seol Jong-jin said. “There are some rookies who are paying attention to Wonju’s closing camp first. We will check how he will perform in the upcoming actual game,” he said, expressing expectations.

◆I’m excited for the first time

“It’s my first time going abroad, not to mention camping. I made a passport for the first time in my life,” she said with a shy smile, reflecting the rookie’s youthful appearance.

Regarding the fact that he moved his luggage to the first team camp, he said, “I think he called me to see how I am. I want to make my body better to meet my expectations and show everything I have.”

Everything is different from my school days. “The professional team has coaches for each part, so it’s easy to ask questions at the time. The schedule is set, so you just have to follow it hard. It’s definitely comfortable to exercise,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

At the same time, he said, “On the other hand, now that I am an adult, there are some parts that I have to find and do on my own,” adding, “I realize that I have come to a professional in many ways, including camp. I try to be careful about my words and actions and have a sense of professionalism.”

Kiwoom rookie Kim Yoon-ha is training for catch ball at Kaohsiung Spring Camp in Taiwan. Photo = Courtesy of Kiwoom Heroes

◆ The future to be made

For the rookies, Kiwoom, the “young team,” is the land of opportunity. Obviously, it is a welcome factor, but Kim Yoon-ha is cautious. He said, “If you take the opportunity given for granted, you cannot grow. I will do it with the idea that it is my last chance, not a natural opportunity.”

There is another story that cannot be left out. It is the title of “Park Chan-ho’s nephew” that is well known before its name. Even Park Hyun-soon’s mother was a former golfer who won six KLPGA titles. It is regrettable to see only the glamorous background.

“It’s an inevitable part. It doesn’t have to be bad, and I don’t care. I just need to become an amazing player and make my name known first,” Kim said, showing the spirit of Kim Yoon-ha, not someone’s son and nephew.

What will the 2024 season look like? “I want to show that he is a promising player, even if it is not evaluated that an amazing rookie has appeared. It is not easy to do well from the first year. I will think that it is a year to gain experience for the future and solve it step by step,” he said.

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