The sun hasn’t set yet… Will ‘Adu! 2023 of Hardships’ 88 dragon year players fly again

It was expected, but it was a much tougher year. Will the dragon-born athletes who finished their hard work in 2023 fly again.

2024 will be the Year of the Dragon. Stars born in the year of the Dragon are drawing the spotlight in the KBO League to celebrate the new year. The representative runners are definitely those born in the year of the Dragon. The year of the Dragon is the year of the Year of the Dragon, including Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha) and Won Tae-in (Samsung), who are 24 years old this year.헤라카지노

However, there are other players born in the year of the dragon. They were born in the year of the dragon. These include SSG Landers Kim Kwang-hyun, KIA Tigers’ Yang Hyun-jong, NC Dinos’ Son Ah-seop and Lee Yong-chan. They are now veterans who have reached the mid-30s and became the oldest members of their respective teams, but considering the recent league atmosphere in which players in their 40s have become more common, they still have room to be the main players.

Son had the best year of his career. Son had been agonizing over his batting slump, and he had tried hard to maintain his best batting performance by ranking first in the batting average of 0.339 and the most hits (187 hits) in the 2023 season, winning two awards for batting performance. Son displayed his second heyday by sweeping “takes” at various award ceremonies at the end of the year.

However, other players of the same age had a rough year. Kim Kwang-hyun, Yang Hyun-jong, and Lee Yong-chan started last year when they were called up to the World Baseball Classic national team. They had expected it but struggled more than expected. They tried to recover their physical condition quickly to coincide with the March competition, but the results did not come out as good as expected. Worse yet, the national team’s performance was disqualified in the first round, which made it all the more burdensome. Kim Kwang-hyun and Lee Yong-chan even suffered from drinking scandals during the competition, and had to have a rough season.

The first step out of WBC was to hold onto the ankle throughout the regular season. Kim Kwang-hyun was also persistently followed by the mismatches of bad luck and poor performance. Although he won nine games, it was by no means a satisfactory performance. There was also a regret that the team did not play the role of an ace in a difficult time.

The same applies to Yang. With nine wins this year, his record of 10 wins in consecutive seasons stopped at eight years, and he had a lot of worries due to ups and downs in his appearances. He pitched fiercely in two consecutive games to lead his team to the quarterfinals, but the performance was not satisfactory to him personally.

NC`s closer Lee Yong-chan also suffered ups and downs at the end of the season. In particular, his team advanced to the postseason and the playoffs, but a series of lost points remain a burden on Lee himself. Manager Kang In-kwon showed a strong belief in Lee until the end, and was able to re-focus and finish well.

2024 will be a new turning point for those born in the year of the dragon who suffered for a year. I admit that I am entering the second half of my career now, but I am determined not to go downhill in a humble way. They are still competitive and maintain top-notch skills.

Kim Kwang-hyun and Yang Hyun-jong should be in charge of starting rotation of SSG and KIA again this year. The two players still show off their strong presence in rotation where there are many variables such as replacement of foreign pitchers and young starting pitchers who are experiencing growing pains. Lee Yong-chan also has an opportunity to create motivation again in the final season of his contract with the FA.

Players who dominated their golden age in the KBO League will be able to make 2024 the year of the Blue Dragon their own.

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