The scapegoat for the ‘master soldier’ ​​is The Bruiner… “You don’t look happy” warning

Reporter Cho Yong-un = I don’t do things well when it’s really important. This is the reason Manchester City, which is messy, does not live up to expectations.

Coach Pep Guardiola is the best tactician, but he has many failures after making excessive tactical changes in every big match. Fans point out that he is a famous soldier. Recently, he held out a card he shouldn’t have taken out and caused defeat.

Man City played an away game against Tottenham Hotspur on the 6th and lost 0-1. It was 5 consecutive scoreless defeats at Tottenham’s new home stadium. It is understandable to make a change because the results were not good in the previous expedition. But it went too far. Ace and leader Kevin De Bruyne sat on the bench. It was a choice that I did not readily understand who released the attack and created the opportunity. 메이저사이트

The famous soldier called the crisis. Football pundit Gabriel Agbonlaher, who played for Aston Villa in the past, noticed De Bruyne’s expression as he sat on the bench. He expressed concern through ‘Talk Sports’, saying, “Something is strange. The look of the Brawiner watching the game from the bench did not look happy.”

Agbonlaher said: “Everyone says, ‘Man City will get back into form’, but what if that doesn’t happen? “Guardiola rotated and put the best player, De Bruyne, on the bench. Then he lost to Tottenham. Perhaps Erling Haaland looked at the starting list and said, ‘Where is De Bruyne?’

De Bruyne leads the league in assists this season with 11 assists. Even Halan, who scored 25 goals, was silent because there was no de Bruyne to feed the goals. As even The Bruiner fell victim to the wide change, voices of concern for Manchester City are growing.

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