“The reason why the results are not coming out…” A 20-year-old 1R prospect without an excuse, a “power of effort” to prove

Park Chan-hyuk (20, Kiwoom Heroes) answered the question of the second season, “It was a year where I had more regrets than good.”

Joining the team in the first round (ranked sixth overall) of the second round of the 2022 Rookie Draft, he was praised for his high batting performance. Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki also mentioned Park Chan-hyuk as a candidate for the Rookie of the Year award at the 2022 Opening Media Day. There was an aspect of saving energy, but Park’s talent was evaluated to be well recognized in the first division.

He was also included in the starting lineup for the first time in consecutive at-bats. He displayed full potential by hitting six home runs in his first year, and entered his second year with high expectations. He maintained his sense of play in real games by joining Geelong Korea in the offseason, and gave strong impression by hitting a grand slam.헤라카지노

There was a clear reason why he evaluated it as “Too bad.” He played only 48 games and recorded a batting average of .201. While “long hit” drew attention, he only hit one homer and posted a slugging percentage of .266.

There were trials and errors. “I made changes in my own way. Based on what I did in the first year, I thought it would be better if I made changes like this,” Park said. “The results didn’t come out as I wanted.”

He continued, “First of all, numerically, there was not much improvement from last year. There is no noticeable record. Long balls did not increase that much. The strikeout rate has decreased from last year, but the long balls have decreased. I feel a lot in that area. I had a lot of strikeouts last year, so I thought about how to reduce the strikeout rate, but after practicing again, I didn’t get a long shot. Now I think I need to set my direction and practice,” he said.

He blamed himself rather than an excuse. “In the end, I think it’s a lack of effort. They say they practice a lot, but the fact that they haven’t gotten good results so far means they lack practice capacity,” Park said. “I personally reflect on myself a lot.”

Kiwoom is expected to have fierce competition in the outfield next season. Lee Jung-hoo, who played as a center fielder, left for the Major League when he signed with the San Francisco Giants, and became an infinite competition system except for foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson.

Park Chan-hyuk’s growth is an ideal picture that Kiwoom is drawing. Park Chan-hyuk emphasized, “You may think that the outdoors is a competitive system, but I have to do well first. I think I need to prepare well, thinking about how I can develop further and show a good performance.”

The first step was to use batting form. “Thinking about the good times, I revised my rhythm a lot with my coach during the closing camp. I also think I need to improve my mindset,” he stressed. “In the end, hard work refers to the amount of practice required. I will prepare for next year by increasing the amount of practice during the offseason.”

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