The High School Baseball Aluminum Bat Debate Needs to ‘Stop’ Here

After the conclusion of this season’s first King of Kings, the Golden Lion, there were some interesting stories around the host newspaper.

One of them was asking the leaders if they were “in favor of a return to aluminum bats”. The answer was backwards, almost 50/50 in favor and against. Those in favor cited the cost of using wooden bats (the economics of having to change bats frequently due to breakage) and those against cited the inefficiency of the bats in terms of performance. Either way, the debate should have a healthy influence on players.

However, the question of whether to continue with wooden bats or aluminum bats needs to be looked at quite dispassionately. Unless you have an aluminum bat that perfectly matches the coefficient of repulsion of a wooden bat, you should stay with the status quo. There is a general consensus among leaders that aluminum bats should be used due to cost.

“Unless a perfect alternative comes along and we implement it, I don’t want to see aluminum bats anymore,” a scout told us on condition of anonymity. Why? “It’s hard to find a true big bat with an aluminum bat. In his high school/college days, Kia manager Kim Jong-kook also hit a lot of home runs with aluminum bats.”

A baseball coach at a prestigious school chimed in. “If you go back to aluminum bats, the decline in performance is as obvious as fire. Even the fastest balls are easier to hit with an aluminum bat. This would increase the length of the game, and who wants to take responsibility for that?” he exclaims.

Especially in recent years, players who have adapted to wooden bats have realized the importance of weight training and have increased their power. As a result, home runs, which used to be rare in all competitions, are now quite common. If we were to revert back to aluminum bats, it”s possible that we”d see an increase in strikeouts.안전놀이터

The alternative is actually already here. We could simply introduce a metal bat that has the same coefficient of repulsion as a wooden bat. However, there are a lot of complications involved, and it”s not an easy task. In this case, the KBO, KBSA, seniors who have gone on to play professionally, and schools should continue to support players who are struggling financially.

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