The first thing the new director emphasized was, “If you break this, I won’t forgive anyone.”

The SSG Landers team, led by coach Lee Soo-yong, has begun its first spring camp and first training session. The SSG team started its first spring camp on Feb. 1 at the Jackie Robinson Sports Complex in Vero Beach, Florida. SSG will train in Vero Beach until Feb. 23 and return to Korea temporarily, before conducting its second camp at the Zai Municipal Stadium in Taiwan from Feb. 25 to March 7. Taiwan’s camps are scheduled mainly for actual matches with Taiwanese professional teams.

On Sunday, the first day of the official training in Vero Beach, SSG players started their camp by exercising, training, and meeting. “All the players made good physical movements during the off-season despite the fact that it was their first training session,” said an official from SSG.라바카지노주소

As it was his first training session, he also had an official meeting at the locker room. It was the first time that Lee and his new coaching staff had face-to-face training with the entire team. As SSG replaced its coach after the 2023 season, he rarely had face-to-face meetings with players due to off-season periods. Lee even visited Landers Field to briefly talk with players engaged in individual training.

Manager Lee made a special order as it was his first meeting. He called for wearing uniforms. Usually, they don’t wear official uniforms at camps. They wear official uniforms when playing their own match, live pitching, bullpen pitching by pitchers, or practice games, but they wear more comfortable team training uniforms on normal training days. In hot weather, most people wear short-sleeved training uniforms.

However, SSG coaches and players all wore official uniforms and had a meeting on the day. Not only the coach but also the coaches of SSG have been replaced, and many of the players have new faces. They include foreign pitcher Robert Duggar, FA transfer Lee Ji-young, and 2nd draft transfer Park Dae-on. Lee’s suggestion was to enable players to memorize names and faces of each other quickly.

In the entire meeting, Lee was the first to emphasize one-team leadership. Since taking office, Lee has called for one-team leadership several times. This is the discipline that Lee has regarded as the most important since he led younger players as captain. No star player or main player would be forgiven for breaking the mood of the entire team or breaking away from the same direction. Even when he was a real player, there was no such compromise.

Coach Lee Sung-yong emphasized the “One Team” once again and said in a strong tone, “I will not forgive coaches or players for forgetting the One Team.” “I will create an atmosphere where anyone can compete without foresight,” he said. “Respect the veteran and be as responsible as I will consider the senior members’ routines. Young players will be given a chance if they are judged to have been recognized for their possibilities, so they should consider their current position as their position and train hard.”

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