The first baseball club in Seoul, Eunpyeong BC High School ‘launched’

 One additional team is scheduled to participate in the Seoul area of ​​high school baseball this season. Eunpyeong Baseball Club (BC) is an under-18 team.

Eunpyeong BC, which has already started selecting high school students last year and completed registration with the Korea Baseball Softball Association, has all entries that can participate in the current game registered. A total of 15 players gathered at Eunpyeong BC, including players under the age of 15 who went on to school and transferred students. They will appear from this year’s weekend league.

Current Chairman Ahn Gye-jang, who was registered as Eunpyeong BC’s under-18 team coach last year, told the magazine, “Last year, the number of high school students was not counted, but this year the number was filled. I have served you.” He informed me of the current situation.

After the Lunar New Year holiday, the coaches expressed great satisfaction with the players who came out to the practice range to warm up for a while. “It seems that taking a 3-day break rather became medicine for the players. They are in good shape and in good shape. It’s worth looking forward to this year,” he said, revealing his first appearance. 카지노사이트

Coach Song Gu-hong, who was appointed as the new head coach of the Eunpyeong BC High School Division, said, “I want to guide the players based on my experience in elementary/middle/high school, college, and professional. I will fit in. Because each player has a different ability and structure, mentality, training, and technique must all proceed according to each individual,” he said, showing a passionate appearance.

In particular, most of the players who had the experience of winning against strong players in the Seoul area as a member of the Eunpyeong BC middle school last year joined the high school division. They are also the ones that Chairman Ahn Gye-jang evaluated as ‘better than Lee Sun-cheol’s days at Jeonnam High School’.

Eunpyeong BC plans to participate in the first half weekend league starting from March 18th after maximizing its strength through strengthening training.

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