The changed status, as a school where players come to visit… Cheongdamgo’s ‘storm’ continues

 “When I first took office, I didn’t know that I would be able to achieve results in such a short period of time.”

Cheongdam High School is a specialized high school located in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. The baseball team was founded in 2016. Although the history is not long, Cheongdam High School has accomplished many things in a short period of time. Even in the early days, it was urgent to solve the problem of supply and demand of players, but now its status has changed. As the number of players who joined the pros increased after achieving good results in national competitions, it became a school that players come to on their own.

Last year, Cheongdam High School swept the national championships with a ‘storm’. He accomplished the miracle of winning runner-up in the 76th Golden Lion Competition. It is a feat achieved in 6 years since its founding. As good as the national championship results were, the draft performance was also excellent. Only 4 pros joined. Pitchers Ryu Hyun-gon and Jeong Jin-ho were nominated for SSG Landers and kt Wiz, respectively, and infielders Kim Min-ho and Choi Won-joon also wore Samsung Lions and Hanwha Eagles uniforms.스포츠토토

SPOTV is making a ‘high school baseball series’ to revive high school baseball and spread the boom. In the meantime, it has delivered fans the pure passion of high school baseball and the excitement of a drama without a script, such as live broadcasting of the five major national tournaments as well as introducing the best prospects in high school.

This season also came to the ‘High School Baseball is Hope’ corner. Since last year, SPOTV has been providing small gifts to schools that are creating dreams and hopes and writing touching stories even in poor environments. This year, SPOTV NOW vouchers are presented. Cheongdam High School, which achieved a miracle, was chosen as the first protagonist.

Captain Song Hyuk-joon, who recently met with SpotTV News at Cheongdam High School, said, “Last year, I won the Golden Lion, so I received a ticket to SPOTV NOW. He smiled brightly, saying, “I will work hard to be like Kim Ha-sung while watching major league broadcasts.”

◆ Runner-up in the national competition, producing professional players…”The status has changed”

Cheongdam High School’s baseball team has shown rapid growth since the appointment of Ho-jae Yoo as head coach. Even when coach Yoo took the helm of Cheongdam High School in 2019, there were only eight people. I was busy scouting players who could play in the game, and little by little I created a ‘baseball club-like baseball club’. Regardless of their ability, they brought in sincere players, and the coaching staff did their best to guide them.

Director Yoo said, “Even when I first took over as manager, I didn’t know that I would be able to achieve results this quickly. I traveled all over the country and tried to bring in ‘players who can work hard’. “I looked for players who showed good results. I was able to produce good results because the players had a strong will to do it. Not only that, but it was possible because the players and the coach worked well together.”

Now, it is Cheongdam High School that players come to. Inquiries for admission continue from all over the country. This year alone, 23 first-year players wore Cheongdam High school uniforms. Manager Yoo Seong-jin, who has worked hard to run the baseball team since its founding, said, “In the past, it felt like filling the minimum number of people. After getting good results in the Golden Lion last year, inquiries from parents and middle school leaders increased. This year, really good players I entered the school,” he said, boasting a changed status.

Not only the school foundation and the general alumni association, but also the local community are showing keen interest in Cheongdam High School. Changdam Academy, a school corporation, provided new buses to the athletes. Pyeongtaek City promised to establish a baseball field for players to use. So far, Cheongdam High School players have been training on a baseball field with no grass. However, after finishing runner-up in the Golden Lion, Pyeongtaek City decided to establish a baseball field near the school. The new ballpark is expected to be completed in early 2025. Principal Lee Heon-ro was also pleased, saying, “Last year, we were able to make the name of the school known nationwide. The school foundation and local community are also showing great interest.”

◆ ‘Storm’ that will continue this year, Cheongdam High School dreams of a new history

Cheongdam High School wrote school history last year. But there is no satisfaction. Running towards the first championship of the founding. It is a resolution to reap the fruits of the sweat shed all winter long. Recently, he also completed field training in Kagoshima, Japan. Prepared for the season in relatively warm regions.

The players are full of confidence. Captain Song Hyeok-jun expressed his aspirations, saying, “Last year, we were runner-up. This year’s goal is, of course, to win. We will try to show the best of what we have prepared.” Pitcher Song Byeong-seon, who has been active since his sophomore year, raised his voice, saying, “I want to get good grades this year too. I want to show a good performance as a main player as I am in my third year. I want to win the national championship and make memories.”

Coach Yoo said, “Thanks to the good results, the players also have a lot of confidence. They also have a sense of pride in Cheongdam High School. The players are full of motivation. Last year, we produced a lot of professional players. It is thanks to the players’ hard work. I am eager for every match. If we play like that this year, we will be able to achieve good results.”

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