‘The bean flour family’ PSG… Neymar ‘Mbappe, he thinks he’s a rookie’ ‘Like’ to criticism

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is increasingly becoming a bean flour family. This time, Neymar (31) was caught after clicking ‘Like’ on a post criticizing his colleague Kylian Mbafe (25).

France’s ‘L’Equipe’ reported on the 6th (Korean time), “Neymar responded to PSG fans who showed hostility to him by clicking ‘Like’ on the video criticizing Mbappe.”

Recently, there is no good day at PSG. Lionel Messi was criticized for not participating in a sudden training session after losing against Lorient earlier this month. He posted a video of his official apology, saying that as a tourism ambassador for Saudi Arabia, he could not cancel his travel itinerary. PSG is said to have given him a disciplinary action.

Neymar was also harassed by the fans. After the match against Lorient, hundreds of PSG fans went to his house and shouted “Neymar off”. Neymar, who saw this, shared the shocking situation through social media, and PSG condemned the excessive behavior of some fans through an official statement.

It was even more embarrassing because Neymar didn’t even play against Lorient due to injury. He was ruled out for the season after injuring ligaments in 안전놀이터 his right ankle in February, and while he was gone, PSG were eliminated in the round of 16 of the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League (UCL). 

As a result, PSG fans seem to have turned their anger on Neymar for failing to conquer Europe again.

However, one fan embraced Neymar and criticized Mbappe. He said, “PSG, ​​this team is the worst in recent years. It is because they re-signed their prince (Mbappe) with a lot of money. I could have made an easy pass to Marr, but I passed it to the goalkeeper. He now thinks he is a god.”

Neymar clicked ‘Like’ on this post and was immediately discovered. Of course, it could be a simple mistake, but the already subdued PSG atmosphere has reached its worst. The so-called ‘MNM’ line, which was evaluated as the best striker in Europe, is going down.

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