The .306 veteran returns after 179 days…”I was on crutches for three months and rehabbed intensely” Lee Myung-Ki’s season has really begun.

Game 1 against the NC Dinos in Eaglespark. Substituted for Nick Williams in right field on defense in the top of the sixth inning. Lined out to start the bottom of the seventh inning with runners on first and second in a 4-3 comeback. A throwing error by the catcher put runners on second and third. At 1B1S, he took a slider from left-hander Jung Ho Lim. He hits a line drive into right field. A fly ball to right field.

Hanwha Eagles outfielder Lee Myung-ki (36) is back.

“I aimed and hit it. It wasn’t a bad pitch. It was unfortunate that it flew in front of the batter. It gave me confidence to come back after a long rehabilitation.”

Five months in the tunnel and a season-ending comeback. The veteran’s return is welcome at a time of intense competition.

The Hanwha bats scored three runs in the sixth inning against NC starter Eric Peddie. Peddy, who has 19 wins, was undefeated in three games against Hanwha. Moon Hyun-bin hit the game-winning hit in the bottom of the seventh to win 4-3.

“I was excited to play for the first team after a long time. I was worried because their starter, Pedi, is a very good pitcher, but I’m happy to win my first game back and thank my teammates.”

Lee’s time came to a halt in the bottom of the fifth inning on April 7. Against the SSG Landers in Eaglespark. He batted seventh and singled to left. Park stole second base on a single to right field.

ankle in the process.

The 18-year veteran, who is 3-for-6 with 1099 career hits, was sidelined in the opening six games. He said it could take up to five months to get back to full strength. Coupled with the struggles of foreign batsman Brian O’Grady, the outfield’s woes deepened.

He recovered quickly through surgery, therapy, and training. Since the end of August, he has been playing in the Futures League (second team). He also took a break from the game to check his rehabilitation.

When we met before the first day’s game, Choi Won-ho said, “I’m still not 100% in terms of defense and running, but I can hit. We will use him as a designated hitter or right fielder.”

Noh Si-hwan, the team’s top home run hitter, went to the Hangzhou Asian Games, and Kim Tae-yeon, who played well in the outfield, is out for the season due to injury. This left a hole in an already weak batting lineup.

“We need to find a way to squeeze a little more out of the power we have and score more runs,” Choi said. Lee Myung-ki could be an option.스포츠토토

“I was on crutches for about three months right after the injury, so it was hard for me to get up to speed early on,” he said. Returning in-season

I rehabbed intensely with the goal of returning in the season. I want to finish the rest of the season well and have fun with the juniors.”

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