The 13-year relationship between general manager Baek Seong-hwa and director Geum Jeong-hwan, which began with love of basketball

Team leader Baek Seong-hwa and director Geum Jeong-hwan, who have been in a relationship for 13 years through basketball, promised to gather greater strength for the development of youth basketball.

The 8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Youth Basketball Tournament held by Mungyeong City and Mungyeong City Sports Association for the development of youth basketball in Korea. While many basketball classes from all over the country diligently participated in the competition, the Ulsan Hanmaum Basketball Team and the Bundang Samsung Youth Basketball Club also had a meaningful time at the two-day festival.

The heads of the two basketball clubs, Hanmaeum Basketball Team Baek Seong-hwa and Bundang Samsung’s Geum Jung-hwan, put their heads together for the development of youth basketball from several years ago, as well as on the basis of coexistence, cooperation, and communication between the two basketball classes, the Mungyeong Games will be held in Korea. It played a central role in establishing itself as the premier youth basketball event.

Director Baek Seong-hwa, who is also the venue for the Mungyeong Games, said, “I met and formed a relationship with Director Jeong-Hwan Keum at a youth basketball tournament 13 years ago. The relationship has become deeper,” he said, introducing the starting point of the two.

Next, Director Geum Jeong-hwan said, “Captain Baek is a living history of the youth basketball world. He was not a player and started just because he liked basketball. The basketball class has already celebrated its 35th anniversary. I am also receiving good energy, and leaders of my age are also receiving great inspiration.

Team leader Baek, emphasizing that he is guiding students to learn our values, not you and me, said, “Winning and losing is important, but it is important to grow as a talented person who can contribute to our society and a proper member of society through the medium of basketball.” The purpose of the event is also in line with this keynote. This tournament is already in its 8th year, and the Mungyeong tournament will continue to make more efforts in various ways so that it can become a dream tournament and festival for young people, and more I will do my best to provide opportunities,” he explained the purpose of the Mungyeong Games.

The two have been in a relationship for about 13 years, which is not short. Wouldn’t a long relationship be possible thanks to mutual respect and trust while walking the common path of youth leaders?

Director Geum said, “It’s been almost 15 years since I made a connection with the director and held the Mungyeong tournament every year. Perhaps it’s because a lot of time has passed, but the director seems to have lost his energy somewhere, and he doesn’t seem to be full of energy like before, so as a disciple It’s a pity,” he said. “I hope that you will continue to maintain good health and lead the Mungyeong Games as you are now. I will also do my best to assist you and help you.” 안전놀이터

The two, who are serious about youth basketball, do not stop learning and dream of a greater development of the two basketball classes as well as the Mungyeong Championships.

Lastly, the two said, “The Mungyeong tournament has already reached its 8th. Due to the corona pandemic, the pulse was temporarily interrupted for the past two years, but fortunately, the corona pandemic has subsided, but now the previous feeling is restored and the tournament is safely held. Looking at the enthusiastic appearances of the basketball class players and coaches gathered here, I feel that the future of our Mungyeong Championships is bright and the future of youth basketball in Korea is also bright. He concluded the interview by

expressing his sincerity again, saying, “I will do my best so that people can work hard, devote themselves, and serve.”

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