That’s right. I’m 20 years old. Hold on to the slider that struck out, be sure of the fastball and come from behind…LG’s genius hitter, “My goal for the rookie is on the side of my heart.”

Kim Bum-suk of the LG Twins in professional baseball became a hero with a come-from-behind final home run.메이저놀이터

At a game against KIA held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Tuesday, LG made a come-from-behind victory 6-3 again. The team allowed upset from 2-0 to 2-3 but turned the game around again to 5-3. One more run was added in the ninth inning. Kim Bum-suk turned the tables with a decisive two-run homerun.

LG took the lead on Austin’s two-run homer in the first inning, but starter Ence allowed one run in the second inning. Ence hit a solo home run by Socrates in the fourth inning, then allowed a 2-3 come-from-behind victory with a sacrifice fly with one out after three consecutive hits.

With runners at first and second base with one out in the fourth inning, Kim watched the first pitch and the slider. With the second ball, he pulled the ball for the third time as if he had been waiting for the fastball, and hit a come-from-behind, two-run homer over the left fence. The team turned the game around 4-3. LG, gaining momentum, ran away 5-3 with Moon Sung-joo’s walk with two outs and runners on the first and second bases with two outs, making the game 6-3.

After the game, Kim Bum-suk looked back at the at-bat where he hit a home run and said, “I was waiting for the breaking ball for a while. As the swing went out on a bad ball in the favorable count in the first at-bat, I expected that the breaking ball would continue to come. If I held that ball back, I thought that it would come a ball that I could hit well, so I held it back well, which helped me a lot in hitting a home run.”

He added, “In the second ball, I was confident that the fastball would come, so I think I swung confidently led to a good result.” Kim Bum-seok struck out Hwang Dong-ha after swinging on a slider with two balls to one strike in the first at-bat in the first inning.

In the second at-bat, I was not deceived by the slider manned ball. Sliders with one or two pitches came into the ball, but I endured the swing and waited. When the third fastball came in, he hit a home run shot that went over the left fence with a thunderous swing.

Regarding the water fight, Kim Bum-seok said, “Hitting coach Mo Chang-min gave me that advice, and I think it helped me a lot as I listened actively.”

Recently, Kim has been in the starting lineup almost every day. “I never think I’m the main player, but I feel the importance of one at-bat as I play every day,” Kim said. “It’s amazing that I have a starting lineup in this team, and as I said earlier, I never think I’m the main player, so I really value it.”

In the previous day’s game, he automatically kicked four balls with one out and a runner on the second base. The opposing team is already keeping him in check. When asked if he was disappointed at the time, he said, “I just went calmly. I was not disappointed (because I couldn’t hit).”

Kim Bum-seok will be eligible for this year’s Rookie of the Year award due to the low number of games and at-bats played last year. When the story of the Rookie of the Year came out, Kim Bum-seok said, “That was my personal goal at the beginning of the season, but now my goal is to help the team more than the Rookie of the Year.” When asked, “Are you giving up on the Rookie of the Year?” he said, “I’m not giving up on the Rookie of the Year, but I’m keeping it in my heart.”

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