‘Team Competition Silver’ Cha Jun-hwan “I’m proud of Team Korea who sincerely enjoys skating” (comprehensive)

 Korean figure skating captain Cha Jun-hwan (22, Korea University) expressed his feelings about winning the silver medal at the World Team Trophy, the first national team competition in which he competed.

Cha Jun-hwan scored 187.82 with a combined technical score (TES) of 95.54 points and artistic score (PCS) of 92.28 points in the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating National Team World Team Trophy men’s single free skating held on the 15th at the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th. got a point

Cha Jun-hwan fell short of his personal best free skating score of 196.39, which he set at the World Championships held last month. He left behind the regret of handling the second triple axel as a single, but performed the rest of the elements without any major mistakes and won first place in the free skating.

Second place was taken by Matteo Rizzo (Italy) with 187.35 points. Jason Brown (USA), who scored 183.43, followed.안전놀이터

Korea maintained second place with 75 points until the 14th, the second day of the tournament. On the 15th, the last day of the event, pairs and men’s single free skating was held. Jo Hye-jin (18) and Stephen Adcock (27, Canada), who started pair free skating, finished 6th out of 6 groups with 102.27 points.

Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University), who competed in the men’s single free skating, faltered in the jump and only scored 124.82 points. It was a score far short of his personal best score of 166.08 points (2022 ISU Grand Prix France competition).

Lee Si-hyeong fell to the bottom of the 12 participating players. South Korea needed Cha Jun-hwan to finish in second place in the free skating and score 11 points or more to win a silver medal. In addition, Italy, which placed fourth, followed Korea closely with Matteo Rizzo receiving 187.35 points in the men’s single free skating.

Cha Jun-hwan, who appeared on the ice with a heavy load on his shoulders, performed both quadruple jumps cleanly. In the quadruple salchow, it received a performance score (GOE) of over 4 points. The quadruple toe loop also ran perfectly, earning a performance score of 3.12.

He also did the triple lutz + triple loop combination jump and triple flip without mistakes. In the triple axel + double axel sequence, which is the jump in the second half, a performance score of 2.17 was obtained. However, the single triple axel was treated as a single. Although he made a mistake, he did not waver in the remaining elements and took first place in the free skating.

Thanks to Cha Jun-hwan’s performance with 12 points, Korea won the silver medal with a total of 95 points, beating 3rd place Japan (94 points) by 1 point.

After the race, Junhwan Cha said in an official interview with the ISU, “Team Korea has shown their passion for what they love (skating) over the past few days. That’s why I’m very proud of our team.”

“I keep saying I’m proud of the Korean team, but it’s not just because of the result (silver medal),” he said. He continued, “I’m very happy that our teammates really enjoy skating. They were totally into this event. That’s something I’m proud of.”

Cha Jun-hwan added, “I think we learned a lot from this tournament. The point is that Jason (Brown) said ‘never give up’.”

Also, in an interview with Golden Skate of the United States, he said, “First of all, I did my best, and there was a mistake in the second half of the jump, but I am satisfied and happy because I finished one more game.”

He added, “I wasn’t satisfied with the triple axel, but other than that, I’m satisfied. I’m happy when I train with Team Korea, when I play, and when I cheer.”

At last year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, Cha Jun-hwan placed fifth in men’s singles. “I improved a lot from the Beijing Olympics last season. I’m continuing to grow this season,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cha Jun-hwan and the Korean team will appear at the gala show held on the 16th. They will return to Korea via Gimpo International Airport on the afternoon of the 17th.

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