“Take” KIA, “Take” KIA and 2024 season coaching staff

KIA announced on Tuesday that it has confirmed its appointment as a member of its coaching staff who will lead the 2024 season. With Kim Jong-kook at the center, the team will be led by senior coach Jin Gap-yong, pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon and Lee Dong-geol, hitting coach Lee Bum-ho and Hong Se-wan, strategy coach Lee Hyun-gon, running coach Cho Jae-young, defensive coach Park Ki-nam, and battery coach Takeshi Nakamura. The Futures (second tier) team will be led by Sohn Seung-rak, pitching coach Lee Jung-ho and Lee Sang-hwa, hitting coach Choi Hee-sup, baserunning coach Park Hyo-il, defensive coach Yoon Hae-jin, and battery coach Lee Hae-chang. batting coach Kim Seok-yeon and pitching coach Seo Deok-won will help players improve their skills in the remaining teams.헤라카지노

The most notable aspect of Kia’s confirmation of its coaching staff is the replacement of its battery coaches in the primary league. Takeshi, who served as a battery coach at Kia from the 2015 season to the 2018 season, will return to coach its catchers in the primary league. Coach Kim Sang-hoon, who served as battery coach for the primary league until this year, will be transferred to a power analysis coach.

Coach Takeshi served as the first-team battery coach in 2017, when KIA won the unified championship, and contributed significantly to strengthening its home power. At that time, Kim Min-sik and Han Seung-taek were mainly in charge of the home turf of KIA’s first team, and the two catchers, who had not much experience in the first team before, showed off their stable teamwork with the pitching staff as they blossomed their skills starting in 2017. In the 2018 season, he trained catchers in the second division and returned to Japan, where he served as the Chunichi Dragons first-team battery coach from the 2019 to the 2021 season.

Kia has reunited with Kia at the 2023 season’s closing camp last month. KIA invited Takeshi as its instructor and assigned him as its coach for promising catchers. Han Jun-su (24) and Lee Sang-joon (18) are assessed to have displayed remarkable improvement in their skills at the closing camp after receiving know-how from Takeshi.

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