Taegeuk mark of joy and tears, now forgotten… The new resolution of the 1st local selection

 Hanwha Eagles failed to produce a single player on the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team.

It was different during the Tokyo Olympics. ‘Local ace’ Kim Min-woo (28) confidently took a position. Kim Min-woo, who took the mound as a starter for the opening game of the 2021 season, won 9 wins in the first half of the year alone and wore the Taegeuk mark. At the Tokyo Olympics, in the second round of the opening round against the United States, he pitched 1 ⅔ innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, no runs, and in the 2nd round of the knockout stage against Israel, he pitched 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 strikeout and 1 run in 4 ⅓ innings. However, he started in the bronze medal match against the Dominican Republic, but shook his head with 3 hits (2 homers), 1 walk, 1 strikeout and 4 runs while catching 1 out count.

After the Tokyo Olympics, which tasted both joy and frustration, Kim Min-woo kissed his first double-digit multiplier (14 wins) that year. Last year, he played the role of Hanwha’s native ace, but the result was only 6 wins (11 losses) in 29 matches and 163 innings. His earned run average, which was 4.00, also rose to 4.36. He was sluggish to wear the Taegeuk mark once again. 슬롯사이트

Regarding the reason for the sluggish performance last season, Kim Min-woo looked back and said, “It’s hard to pick just one. Overall, it wasn’t good. I didn’t follow my luck, and I personally lacked a lot.” He said, “I am personally very proud and wonderful to be on the national team.” “If I hadn’t been to (the national team), I wouldn’t have known, but I think I’m more regretful (last year’s performance or the national team’s elimination) because I’ve been there once.”

Dropping out of the national team does not mean the end of Kim Min-woo’s baseball life. This year, Kim Min-woo also has a heavy duty to protect Hanwha’s starting lineup. Kim Min-woo said, “I don’t just look at the national team and play baseball. It’s right to be immersed in the role given to me in my position. The national team will follow if you do well.” He continued, “It is encouraging that I threw more innings than before (155⅓ innings in the 2020 season). I have always aimed for innings, but it is positive that innings are increasing year by year.”

This year, I have no intention of letting go of the local first starter. Kim Min-woo, who said, “Of course I will compete,” said, “I have grown over the past two years.

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