Suseong High School, Yeonhyeon Middle School, Taebaek Mountain Cup Regaining Hegemony, 2nd consecutive victory ‘Spike’

Cheonan High School and Namseong Middle School 3-0 and 2-0, respectively, and
Suseong High School Yoon Ha-jun and Yeonhyeon Middle School Song Eun-woo won the tournament MVP

Suseong High School in Suwon regained the top spot in the men’s high school division of the 2023 Taebaek Mountain Cup National Middle and High Volleyball Competition held by the Korea Middle and High Volleyball Federation (Chairman Kim Hong), and Anyang Yeonhyeon Middle School in the south and central region achieved its second consecutive victory in the tournament.메이저사이트

Last year’s runner-up Suseong High School, led by coach Kim Jang-bin, broke the expectation of a close match based on its strong serve and height advantage in the South High School final held at the Taebaek Gowon Gymnasium on the 18th and beat the championship candidate Cheonan High School 3-0 (25-21 25-16 25-10). ) and regained the top lost last year.

Suseong High School, which won all six games from the preliminaries, paid back in six months against Cheonan High School, which lost in the finals of the National Sports Festival in October last year.

Suseong High School’s main driver of victory, Yoon Ha-jun, won the tournament’s MVP award, Lim In-gyu received the Center Award, Kang Chang-ho the Setter Award, Lee Ji-woong the Libero Award, and coach Shin Hee-seop the Guidance Award.

In Suseong High School, Hajun Yoon, Lee Yong-jae, and Yoon Seo-jin’s powerful spike serve shook the opponent’s receive, and Mongolian middle blockers Puje (208cm) and Lim In-gyu (194cm) Twin Towers hit a high barrier, and youth representatives Lee Soo-min, Park Gu-young, and Im Jin-seo fought hard. They won the first set 25-21 at Cheonan High School.

Suseong High School, which overcame the baseline, added a set to 25-16 with setter Kang Chang-ho’s toss connected with outside hitters Yoon Ha-joon and Yoon Seo-jin and apositive spiker Lee Yong-jae with strong hits, based on the stable defense of libero Yang Seung-min and Lee Ji-woong.

Suseong High School, which brought the atmosphere completely, finished the game with only 10 points in the 3rd set amidst the stronger serve and middle blockers.

Kim Jang-bin, head coach of Suseong High School, said, “I was expecting a performance of about the semifinals of this tournament, but I was surprised that the players did really well.” I think that completely overpowering the opponent even in height is a complete victory.”

Meanwhile, in the south-central final, Yeon Hyun-joong, the “defending champion” coached by coach Kwon Dong-hwan, won the tournament 2-0 (25-14 25-12) by beating the “traditional prestigious” Iksan Men’s Middle School 2-0 (25-14 25-12).

On this day, Yeon Hyun-joong was easily defeated by the 197cm tall Apogee Spiker Lee San, who was a ‘second generation of volleyball player’, and Song Eun-woo, who was an outside hitter, supported him.

Yeon Hyun-joong’s Song Eun-woo won the tournament MVP, Koo Gyo-woo’s Outstanding Offensive Award, Kim Seung-jae’s Setter Award, Kang Min-seok’s Apposite Spiker Award, and coach Kim’s Byeong-joo’s Leadership Award.

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