“Suffocation defense → planted a quick attack, and victory grew”

Coach Cho Sang-hyun (47) took over the leadership of KBL LG on April 29 of last year, and carefully watched the games from the previous three seasons. It was to find out the reason why the strong team LG, which had risen to the semifinal playoffs (PO) in the 2018-2019 season, fell into the lower ranks in the 9th, 10th, and 7th places in the regular league. After the analysis, director Cho made a diagnosis in one sentence. “It breaks too easily.”

Coach Cho, who held the helm of the men’s national team until just before joining LG, said, “At the time of my arrival, I was honestly more worried than the expectations and excitement of being the first professional team coach. The most serious 바카라사이트 problem was that the players were soaked in a sense of defeat because they had not advanced to the postseason for a long time.” I thought it was my role to make LG a team that would not collapse easily,” he recalled.

Coach Cho ordered one thing when convening the team in June of last year. “Under any circumstances, stay persistent and defend.” This is because I thought that the most necessary virtue for LG players was ‘perseverance’. Coach Cho sent down players who did not stick to their opponents even though they scored well, saying, “They don’t fit the color of the team.” Conversely, players who diligently run around the court, even if their attack power is low, are guaranteed playing time.

The reason coach Cho emphasized pressure defense was also because of the offense. Coach Cho said, “From an objective point of view, LG at the beginning of the season was a power that could not score more than 80 points in a game. For this reason, he thought that his performance would improve if he induced a turnover by pressing the opponent breathlessly, and then converted to a quick break and scored points.” LG raised the ranking in the quick scoring category from 8th place in the 2021-2022 season (average 7.9 points) to 2nd place in the 2022-2023 season (average 9.9 points).

At the same time, the problem of ‘reliance on the main player in the attack is too high’ was naturally resolved. The percentage of scoring by the five starting players has decreased from 64.5% last season to 57% this season. The replacement member scoring rate increased from 35.5% to 43%.

Coach Cho picked Yoon Won-sang (25, guard) as the player who followed his instructions well this season. Coach Cho said, “Won Sang-i was not originally a player who played a lot of games, but as I requested, he persistently followed me when defending, and his playing time increased. He runs a lot, so his shooting skills have improved a lot compared to last year.” Yoon Won-sang, who played for an average of 5 minutes and 55 seconds last season (17th place in the team), played 25 minutes and 9 seconds (2nd place) this season and scored an average of 2.4 points (13th place) to 6.4 points (6th place).

LG entered the ‘Spring Basketball’ stage after three years, taking second place in the regular league this season (36 wins, 18 losses, 0.667 win rate). Although he had a good result, only 1 game away from 1st place KGC (37 wins, 17 losses, 0.685 win rate), coach Cho is very disappointed. It wasn’t just because they were eliminated after losing all three matches to SK (3rd place) in the semifinal playoffs.

Coach Cho said, “As we focused on fast attacks throughout the season, turnovers increased from an average of 9.7 to 10.6 per game last year.” I will leave the recognition that it is.”

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