Stielike’s Unique Perspective “Lack of offensive creativity because it is a divided country”

In an interview with the German media, former national soccer team coach Uli Stielike presented an unfamiliar analysis that Korean football lacks offensive creativity due to the division of South and North Korea.

Klinsman did not hesitate to give advice to the new manager, but his unique evaluation, which he had not encountered in the meantime, is attracting more attention.

This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


Former soccer team coach Uli Stielike, who remained as a memory for soccer fans, suddenly emerged as a hot topic.

Because during an interview with the German media, he gave a unique evaluation of Korean football.

Former head coach Stielike cited the division of South and North Korea as the reason for the lack of offensive creativity in Korean soccer.

He said that the situation of maintaining a state of alert due to the lack of a peace agreement was reflected in the temperament of the people, lacking creativity or willingness to take risks in attacks.

On the other hand, he judged that “the defense is quite good” with the analysis that it has essential characteristics such as discipline, will, and toughness. 먹튀검증

At the time of coaching, I remembered that the Korea Football Association did not make enough effort to promote prospects, and at the same time, I looked at the past and the present differently recently with praise for having a relatively good idea.

He advised new coach Jurgen Klinsmann that he had to live in the country in order to understand the lives of Korean people and that he must catch competitive matches.

After conducting an interesting analysis that the attack is paralyzed without the national team captain Son Heung-min, coach Klinsman revealed a rather disorganized view, saying that he would meet well-trained players.

Director Stielike added that Son Heung-min would make the coaching staff comfortable, along with praise for being fluent in English and German and very polite.

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