‘Sponsors are also concerned about opinions’… Greenwood return? Listening to the opinions of the players and ‘deciding on the second half’

Manchester United announced that they would collect opinions from the players about Mason Greenwood, a prospect who has raised the possibility of returning as the investigation into the recent allegations has been suspended.

Sports media ESPN reported on the 15th (Korean time), “Man Utd will ask players’ opinions before deciding on Mason Greenwood’s future.” 

Greenwood, a promising prospect at Manchester United, was arrested by the police on charges of sexually assaulting and threatening his girlfriend in January of last year, and was unable to join United until the investigation was over. 

Greenwood, who was under investigation and trial, announced on the 2nd that the Manchester Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on its official website that “a criminal case against a 21-year-old man has been suspended in relation to a case under investigation from January 2022.” The charges raised were dismissed, and the possibility of returning to Manchester United emerged. 

Greenwood was terminated from contracts with various sponsors even at the time he was prosecuted in the case, but remained on the list of players on the official Manchester United website.

Manchester United immediately showed a strict attitude through the club website, saying that “Greenwood will not return to Manchester United training or matches while the club is conducting its own investigation,” and that there will be additional investigations despite his withdrawal.

Director Eric Turnhagh also avoided commenting on the related content, saying, “I have nothing to add. I can’t give any comments at the moment. I can’t say anything.” 온라인카지노

ESPN reports: “Many sponsors of Manchester United are expressing concern over Greenwood’s return to Manchester United. They are monitoring the United internal investigation and, once the club makes a decision about Greenwood’s future, they will decide their relationship.” He explained the position of sponsors who are worried about Greenwood’s return. 

As part of the investigation, Manchester United will be holding talks with players from both the men’s and women’s teams. While not all players share the same stance, many players welcome Greenwood’s return to the club. We are concerned about it,” he said, expressing the antipathy of the players. 

ESPN predicted that a decision would come later this summer, even if it were soon. 

“Coach Turn Haag doesn’t want to be distracted in the second half of the season, so it’s very likely that a decision on Greenwood, if soon, won’t come before this summer,” ESPN said.

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