‘South Central’s Strongest’ Sam Seon-Joong and Myung Ji-Joong, why did they struggle?

“We haven’t trained much, and it’s not that Myeongjijoong players can’t play, but they have a lot of energy and skill, so they’re not a team to take lightly.”

Samseonjoong defeated Myeongjijoong 86-71 on Tuesday at Gyeongbok High School Gymnasium in a Group B matchup in the Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon 2023 Korean Basketball Weekend League.

Sam Sun-joong is the best player in the secondary boys’ game this year. He has won the Spring Korean Basketball Federation Championship, the National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Championship and the National Boys’ Sports Championship.

They dominated every team they faced. The margin of victory in the spring championships, association championships, and boys’ championships was 39.6 points (94.4-54.8), 42.6 points (101.1-58.6), and 41.2 points (98.5-57.3), respectively, and the margin of defeat in the three finals was 40.7 points (102.7-62.0).

Samsunjung’s smallest margin of victory was 17 points (92-75) in the preliminaries against Donggo in the Association Championships.

Against Myeongji Heavy, Samsunjung kept the game close until midway through the third quarter. It almost felt like he was getting a break in this tournament, but after the midway point of the third quarter, he slowly pulled away with solid defense.

Samseonjung finished the game with a 15-point margin, the smallest of the year.

When asked after the game why the team struggled, Coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “The players played a lot of sports in three tournaments. They had a lot of rest after the last boys’ tournament. There were also a lot of school events, so they trained for about two days, but they didn’t train much.” “Next week, if they train again, they will be better, including running. It’s not that their top players can’t play, but they have a lot of energy and skill, so they’re not a team to be taken lightly.”안전놀이터

When asked about the team taking a clear lead after the middle of the third quarter, Coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “Their main players seemed to be in foul trouble, so it worked well to focus on that part of the game. “We practiced that defense (zone defense from the down low) a lot, but it didn’t go well. They were a little heavy. The concentration was good at the end.”

Samsunjung, who struggled against Myung Ji-joong, will play their second game of the tournament on Sunday against Hwimunjung.

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