SK’s Oh Se-geun and Kim Sun-hyung show off their ‘chemistry’ from first press conference “We’re better together”

The biggest story of the KBL’s free agency market, which ended last month, was the departure of Oh Se-geun, 36, to Seoul SK. After leading Anyang KGC to the overall title in the 2022-2023 season and winning the Playoffs (PO) Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, the fact that he left the team he had been with for 12 years was enough to send shockwaves through the league. It was also an issue that he would be reunited with Kim Sun-hyung (35), who wrote the myth of the 52-game winning streak when they were students at Chung-Ang University, in a professional team.

Oh and Kim, who had recently taken their own vacations, held a joint press conference at the KBL Center in Sinsa-dong, Seoul on the 8th. They arrived at the KBL Center early and had lunch together, and even during the press conference, they showed off their good chemistry.

Kim started off by saying, “I’m Kim Sun-hyung, who is happy that Oh Se-geun came to SK.” “I think it’s even better to be here with (Kim) Sun-hyung,” Oh responded. “We have memories, good memories, from when we were kids. We can be together again. Even though I’m a little older, I think I can play better than I did in college,” he said of playing on the same team in the professional stage. Kim Sun-hyung said, “There is a sense of companionship with (Oh) Se-geun. It’s like a close-knit family reunited after living apart. We have our own story. I think there is romance,” he said with a smile.

After 12 years of playing for the same team, Oh has to adapt to his new team. He doesn’t have to worry too much, though, because he has SK captain Kim Sun-hyung by his side. After the press conference, the two exchanged stories about commuting times and distances, how to avoid traffic on weekend games, and changing cars.

“I have to be in sync with all SK players, not just (Kim) Sun-hyung. I was confident about that at KGC, and I’m sure he’ll be able to coordinate with me. I’ll try to create as much synergy as possible.” Kim Sun-hyung added, “Last season’s regular season MVP, me, and PO MVP, Oh Se-geun, play together. I’m also glad that Se-geun’s brother came and relieved the pressure. I’m glad he’s here,” he said, to which Osegun responded, “You just have to play with the pressure,” which brought a smile to his face.안전놀이터

In the championship match of the 2022-2023 season, the two battled for the title as aces for their respective teams, but now they are playing for the same goal. “This time, (Oh) Se-geun got the championship ring,” Kim said. Next season, we want to get a ring together,” he said, hoping to reach the top. “I’d like to say I won, but it’s too early because I haven’t even trained with my new team. My first goal is to not get injured like in the last three seasons. I’ll just say that I’ll compensate with a good team performance,” he said, expressing his intention to contribute to the team through consistent performances.

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