Shoulder pain → complained of pain → condition improved → continued to play → finally substituted… Is Lee Jae-hyun really okay?

Samsung’s Lee Jae-hyun (20) injured his shoulder again. He tried to slide in with his legs, but dislocated his left arm in the process. However, he continued to play.

Lee Jae-hyun started at shortstop in the No. 8 spot in the lineup and had two hits and two runs scored in the second game of Samsung’s three-game weekend series against KIA at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on April 19.

In his first at-bat in the third inning, he singled to left. Kim Hyun-jun singled to left and moved to third on a wild pitch. He came home on a wild pitch.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, he came up to bat again, this time with a single to right. Kim Ji-chan grounded out to second base. Next, Kim Hyun-jun singled to left, and Lee Jae-hyun rounded third and came home.

That’s when something went wrong. He ran full speed and slid into home plate. He said he didn’t want to head first because of his shoulder injury. He actually went in with his legs first. The result was a safe.

As I was sliding, I touched the ground with my left arm. I twisted it slightly. I was in a lot of pain. Head coach Lee Byung-gyu and a trainer came out to check on him.

Even after returning to the dugout, the pain didn’t seem to subside. The trainer kept checking his condition. The game didn’t look easy. Kim Dong-jin hurriedly warmed up.

But there was no substitution. The pain seemed to subside quickly. He rotated his arm a few times. In the meantime, Samsung’s offense was finished, and it was the beginning of the fifth inning. Lee Jae-hyun came out to the field. He seemed to be in good shape.메이저놀이터

He didn’t continue playing. In the top of the sixth inning, he was replaced by Kim Dong-jin in defense. A Samsung representative said, “Lee Jae-hyun was replaced due to left shoulder pain. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious. After the substitution, he is resting while icing it.”

He’s fine now, but you never know when he’ll get injured again. It’s kind of a ticking time bomb. We need to take further action, including a medical checkup.

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