Short track Gilly Kim wins 3 gold medals in the Winter Sports Festival… Sim Seok-hee, general division 2nd prize

Reporter Jang Bo-in = Kim Gil-ri (Seo Hyeon-go), the ‘expectant’ of the Korean short track speed skating team, won three gold medals at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival.

Kim Gil-ri won the women’s under-19 1,000m final with a record of 1:36:152 on the 17th at the Ulsan University Asan Gymnasium ice rink.

In the 3,000m relay that followed, Gilly Kim, Doyeon Kim (Sion High School), Bom Kim (Uijeongbu Girls’ High School), Soo-ah Seo, and Min-seo Jo (Hwajeong High School Lee) beat Seoul (4:39:390) with a time of 4:27:846 and won by 1. occupied the top 메이저사이트

Gilly Kim, who also won the 1,500m the previous day, took her three gold medals in this event.

In the women’s general category, Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall) won two gold medals.

Shim Seok-hee was the first to cross the finish line in the women’s 1,000m final, beating Lee So-yeon (Sports Toto, 1:33:360) and Kim A-rang (Goyang City Hall, 1:33:690) with a record of 1:32:830, the previous day’s 1,500m final. It reached the top two days in a row.

In the men’s general 1,000m final, Kim Kun-woo (Sports Toto) won the championship with a time of 1:27:320, followed by Park Jang-hyeok (Sports Toto, 1:27:575) and Seo Beom-seok (Dankook University, 1:27:605) in second and third place, respectively. was

Kim Kun-woo also won three gold medals in the men’s 1,000m, 1,500m, and 3,000m relay races. Sports Toto won the gold medal in the relay race with a new event record of 4:03:540.

Hong Kyung-hwan (Goyang City Hall, 4:56:388) in the men’s 3,000m held on the same day, Kim Hye-bin (Hwaseong City Hall, 5:31:452) in the women’s 3,000m, and Gyeonggi (4:17:634) in the women’s 3,000m relay. has won

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