“Shocked! ‘The second Sancho protest’ broke out”… Expressing dissatisfaction with lack of opportunities to play through SNS, possible disciplinary action ↑ “Test of Ten Hag’s authority”

The biggest controversy this season at Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) was the “Jadon Sancho rebellion.”꽁머니지급

The incident happened in September last year. Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag removed Sancho from the list in the fourth round of the 2023-24 EPL against Arsenal. Ten Hag has publicly stated why.

“After watching the training, we excluded Sancho. Manchester United require a certain level of training, and the players have to match it. Sancho didn’t do that. That’s why we excluded him,” manager Ten Haah said.

Sancho then strongly protested. He chose a head-to-head match with coach Ten Haq. Sancho’s defense method was through SNS. He challenged coach Ten Haq’s authority.

Sancho said on social media, “Please don’t believe everything. I won’t allow you to say anything that’s not true. I trained very well this week. I believe there is a different reason to be excluded from this match. I have been a scapegoat for a long time. It’s unfair. I will continue to fight for this badge no matter what.”

Sancho’s rebuttal following public criticism by Ten Ha-ch. The impact was huge. Manager Ten Ha-ch, who values discipline, excluded Sancho from the main league and banned him from using the team’s training ground. In the end, Sancho left Manchester United. Recently, he moved to his former club Dortmund on loan.

A similar situation unfolded. He expressed his dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with his inability to play in the game through SNS. He challenged the authority of coach Ten Ha-ha.

Manchester United advanced to the round of 16 by winning 4-2 against Newport County in the round of 32 of the 2023-24 English FA Cup on the 29th.

There is a striker who was listed on the waiting list for this game but failed to get on the ground in the end. Newport County is a member of the 4th division. I wasn’t a main player of Manchester United, but I still thought I would get a chance when I faced the 4th division. It fell through. He expressed his dissatisfaction. Through SNS.

He is Amad Diallo, a 21-year-old striker from Manchester United. He is a Cote d’Ivoire striker who moved to Manchester United from Atalanta in 2021. He could not find a place in Manchester United, and he was on loan. He joined Manchester United again this season, but the opportunity did not come. All he had to do was play in the 20th round of the EPL against Nottingham Forest.

Therefore, he desperately wanted to play in Newport County. However, it did not come true. He failed to overcome his anger and eventually challenged the coach’s authority.

The U.K.’s ‘Express’ reported this fact. The media reported, “Diallo’s social media activities risk upsetting Ten Haq. Diallo is the latest Manchester United player to appear to have tested Ten Haq’s authority. Diallo is in danger of being disciplined by Ten Haq for his social media activities.”

“Diallo was given less than a minute to play against Newport County. Ten Haah didn’t even take a risk in facing the fourth division. He deployed the best members, excluding Andre Onana and Marcus Rashford. Diallo was embarrassed by this. He sat on the bench against Newport County, but Ten Haah left him on the bench until the end. Diallo was frustrated,” he added.

So how did Diallo express his dissatisfaction.

One post on social media had this claim: “If you (Ten Haah) don’t start Diallo against Newport County, then it’s not worth the time Diallo plays for you (Ten Haah). Come home. Come where you truly appreciate Diallo!”

This means that he should return to Sunderland in the secondary league. Last season, Diallo was loaned to Sunderland and played a vital role. He scored 13 goals in 37 league games. Sunderland fans want Diallo. Sunderland needs Diallo.   

Diallo’s act of challenging the Ten Haq authority came next. Diallo clicked “like” on this post. Diallo soon deleted the likes, perhaps because he wanted to. It was too late. The media interpreted that “Diallo’s act acted as an indicator of disappointment.”

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