Shin Ji-ae’s time goes backwards.. What’s the secret?

 Shin Ji-ae ( Picture 35) has a chance to win 63 times in her professional career by taking the lead by two strokes at the Daikin Orchid Ladies (total prize money of 120 million yen), the opening match of the LPGA Tour season. Caught.

On the third day of the tournament held at the Ryukyu Golf Club (par 72, 6560 yards) in Okinawa, Japan on the 4th, Shin Ji-ae scored 7 under par 65 with 1 eagle, 6 birdies and 1 bogey, finishing second with an average total of 9 under par and 207 strokes. Japan) by two strokes. With this, Shin Ji-ae took her 27th win in her tour career, one year and eight months after winning Taito Gentaku Ihe Yanet Ladies in July 2021.

Shin Ji-ae didn’t win last year due to her elbow surgery. However, on the moving day, the second shot with the 3-wood left 223 yards from the 18th hole (par 5) to the pin, was attached to the pin 1.5m away, and the computer shot of the heyday was reproduced. She gained the confidence to continue playing on the tour instead of her disappointment last year, which ended in a winless match, which led to good performances in the opening game.

It is because of her unwavering passion for golf that Ji-ae Shin has returned to her prime in her mid-thirties. Kim Ha-neul and Inari, her same age born in 1988, who were on tour together in Japan, have retired.

In an interview with the Japanese media, Shin Ji-ae said, “I received encouragement from my retired friends to ‘I will present my strength to you'” and “The reason I continue to play golf without retiring is because I love golf.” Her passion is also her passion, but due to her devout faith, her training attitude that never loses her original focus, and her self-restraint, her Shin Ji-ae’s time does not stop and flows backwards. 스포츠토토

Shin Ji-ae solidified her winter training last winter in Melbourne, Australia, with her junior Shina Kanazawa. It was a time of effort to make up for the time she did not win due to injury. Her fruit came immediately. To check her training performance, she competed in February and won the Australian Women’s Professional Golf (WPGA) Tour Big Open by six strokes. The story of Ji-ae Shin’s victory drew great attention to the extent that it was covered by major American golf media.

It is her 65th time for Shin Ji-ae to start the final round on her JLPGA tour as a champion group. She is the opener, her 10th entry for the Daikin Orchid Ladies, where she has yet to win and is in the top 10 7 times. If she wins this time, she will bring Shin Ji-ae three wins closer to her JLPGA Tour permanent seeding. She is walking silently into history where her friends of the same age could not walk.

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