Samsung, which started with ‘5 consecutive practice matches’, will have ‘6 consecutive wins’ in 2023

The Samsung Lions, who entered the practice game earlier than other teams in Okinawa, Japan, are playing spring camp with a disappointing record of five consecutive losses.

It’s a practice game that doesn’t mean much to win or lose, but Samsung, which only scored 11 points in five games with lethargic appearance, has been particularly disappointed by the poor pitching staff.

Samsung also left a disappointment in the content of the game, with only double-digit runs allowed an average of more than nine walks per game in four games, along with the regrettable pitching of the fifth starter.꽁머니

Due to the nature of Japanese professional baseball, which closes the Okinawa camp relatively faster than the KBO league team, this is not the first time that it was disappointed in the February practice game between Korea and Japan.

In 2023, Samsung also started with a loss with a slump of just one point while giving up 38 points in its first four games against the Japanese team.

Compared to the start of the sixth consecutive loss by giving up two more games until the next showdown with the domestic team, it is not the first time that Okinawa has lost five consecutive games in this camp, but questions are raised as to whether Okinawa’s characteristics of easy practice games are a plus factor for the team.

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