Samsung is shocked to exclude veteran pitcher from second draft protection list…Including the big beast

The Samsung Lions’ veteran pitcher has been placed on the Secondary Draft Protection List, a shocking development.

It’s the start of a big change for Samsung’s pitching staff. According to MK Sports, a veteran pitcher in his 30s who is an immediate powerhouse has been removed from the 35-man protective list that Samsung created ahead of the KBO Secondary Draft.

In addition, Samsung has removed a big outfielder who hit 20 home runs in a season from the roster, signaling a full-scale generational change and team rebuilding.

It was confirmed that the Samsung Lions’ veteran pitcher was removed from the protective list for the second draft. Photo by Kim Young-koo
The first veteran pitcher to be removed from the roster is a resource who has been through the ups and downs of the professional stage. He’s played in a variety of positions and was considered a key contributor in the 2023 season. However, his performance this year has been lackluster and he hasn’t been utilized as much as he was at his peak.

In particular, the Samsung mound has been very poor this season, ranking last on the team in ERA (4.60) and the only one in the top five in saves (5.16), with the veteran pitcher’s removal from the disabled list a clear sign of improvement.

However, he could be available in the first to third round to a team that appreciates his versatility and uniqueness, sources say. “Samsung’s deactivated player hasn’t had a stellar career in recent years, but if he’s healthy, he’s a player who can do his job in the first team,” said one person familiar with the transfer market, “and a team looking to bolster its mound strength should be interested.”

Samsung also reportedly removed from the disabled list a big bat who has hit more than 20 home runs in a season several times. The player had bounced around several teams and was touted as the team’s next big thing, but his career has been up and down. He’s had some very good seasons and some very bad ones, and the move to the disabled list continues his disappointment in recent years.

Previously, the KBO reintroduced a secondary draft in 2023 to help level the playing field and ensure more opportunities for players. The secondary draft, which will be held again after the 2023 season, will be held on March 23, with players being drafted in the first through third rounds.토토사이트

The number of protected players has been reduced from 40 to 35 to encourage player movement. Players in their first through third years of eligibility, current-year free agents, and players who were on the 35-man protected list but were traded for free agent compensation before the second round of the draft are automatically excluded. A player can still be drafted in the next round after declaring a higher round pass.

In addition, each round will be conducted in the reverse order of the previous season’s results. After each team’s first through third round picks, the bottom three clubs in the standings will be granted two additional picks, bringing the total up to five. Meanwhile, a team can nominate up to four players to prevent players from being skewed toward a particular club. The transfer fee is 400 million won for the first round, 300 million won for the second round, 200 million won for the third round, and 100 million won for the fourth round and below, which is reserved for the bottom three teams.

The secondary draft, which was held every other year from 2011 to 2019, was canceled in 2021. When it resumed for the second time in two years, the protected list was reduced from 40 to 35 (players in their first to third years of eligibility, free agents in the current year, and players who were on the 35-person protected list but were traded as compensatory free agents before the second draft was held were not automatically eligible), and the next round of picks could be made even after declaring a top-round pass.

The new mandatory registration rule is designed to ensure that players who are selected in the second round of the draft are given as much playing time as possible by requiring them to register for a certain number of days on the active roster (first team roster) in the following or subsequent year.

However, after the release of the roster, there are a lot more players worth targeting than before, as long as they meet the required number of days. The math is getting hectic for the 10 teams that received revised rosters with some free agent signings on Tuesday.

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