‘Rehabilitation complete’ Maeda, ready to return → Aim for FA jackpot

Kenta Maeda (35, Minnesota Twins), who is about to acquire qualification as a free agent (FA) player, is expected to recover from injury and climb the mound in full form.

The Athletic reported on the 30th 스포츠토토that Maeda would pitch without restriction in this spring training. This means that Maeda’s rehabilitation is complete.

Previously, Maeda was on the injured list in August 2021 due to right forearm pain, and in September of that year, he underwent elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery).

Afterwards, Maeda was expected to be able to return at the end of last year’s season, but Minnesota opted for a more solid rehabilitation. As a result, Maeda’s return was postponed to the 2023 season.

Now, Maeda is aiming for a revival through the 2023 spring training and exhibition games that begin in February. Maeda is a reserve free agent.

Maeda threw 106 1/3 innings in 21 games of the season before injury in the 2021 season, recording only 6-5 and an average ERA of 4.66.

This is the highest ERA since entering the major leagues. Accordingly, Maeda will aim for a good contract with the major leagues through the revival of the 2023 season.

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